Cartons now accepted by EDCO/Fallbrook Refuse

FALLBROOK – Fallbrook residents and businesses with trash service by EDCO/Fallbrook Refuse are now able to put cartons in their recycling containers for pickup.

On Oct. 1, EDCO incorporated the pickup of cartons into their recycling program. Customers may now place refrigerated and shelf-stable cartons such as soup, milk, juice, soy, and other beverage and food into the recycling containers along with all paper, metal, plastic, and glass recyclables accepted through the program.

The company asks that caps and straws be removed from cartons and that food cartons be cleaned out before being placing in the recycle containers. Beverage cartons do not require rinsing as long as they are empty.

Recycled cartons can be made into many products such as recycled paper products, like tissue and office paper, and even building materials like wall boards.

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  1. all along   October 7, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    been doing this all along. Never knew they weren’t taking these


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