Learn how to make cheese

RAINBOW – Interested individuals can learn the art of making cheese at Morning Song Farm in Rainbow on Saturday, December 15. This will be the facility’s third cheese-making class, entitled “The Gift of Cheese.”

Participants will learn how to make mozzarella and chevre cheeses; decorate for giving as a gift; and make a brie cheese to take home and wrap for baking on New Year’s Eve.

Veteran cheese maker Virginia Masters will instruct on this lost art.

Masters will provide all the materials including recipes and every student will take recipes and finished cheese home at the end of class.

Visitors can meet the farm’s Nigerian dairy goats and pet the babies. Bring a crunchy granola bar and be their best friend. A mini farmer’s market with cheese-making kits and farm-related gifts will be available as well.

To register for the class ($65/person), contact Donna Buono at (888) 816-3335.

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