Capital Campaign Donor Wall unveiled by Fallbrook Arts, Inc.

FALLBROOK – The Board of Directors of Fallbrook Arts, Inc. honored their Capital Campaign donors at a special reception on June 28, which included the unveiling of the art mural on the north exterior of the Fallbrook Art Center which recognized the generosity of the donors. They were treated to a preview of the Transferring Ink 3 show hosted by master printmakers Ron Pokrasso and Dixon Fish.

Fallbrook Arts, Inc. (FAI) is dedicated to enriching the Fallbrook community by providing extraordinary art shows, equipping the School of the Arts with world renowned instructors and fostering working relationships with ambitious and enterprising artists and crafts people.

The school’s purpose additionally is to educate budding artists from early childhood and up. FAI’s greatest wish is to make Fallbrook an arts destination while providing business development and support which in turn brings in revenues to Fallbrook.

The donor recognition art mural was designed by metal artist Melissa Ralston. The mural recognizes donors who gave from $500 to over $10,000. Major donor plaques include quotes from the donors about the importance of art to them personally. The first goal of the Capital Campaign is to pay off the mortgages on the Art Center and School of the Arts.

To the donors, FAI President Jerri Patchett said, “The Fallbrook Art Center would simply not exist without your dedication and generosity. Your support makes it possible to preserve the specialness the Art Center has achieved over the years, especially in the quality of its exhibits. Your understanding of the importance of art and culture to our community is critical to our mission.”

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