Wire sculpting class explores personality traits

Students from Jeremiah’s Ranch College of Adaptive Education celebrate their completion of an eight-week wire sculpture class.

FALLBROOK – Jeremiah’s Ranch College of Adaptive Education completed its spring semester with a unique art class in wire sculpture. For eight weeks, each of the 11 participating students worked on a sculpture, representing an aspect of their personality.

For instructor Suzette Phillips, the class was both rewarding and, at times, frustrating. “The wire was sometimes difficult to work with,” said Phillips. “A student would get caught up in it, and I would have to cut them out of it!”

The sculptures were as varied as the students’ interests. Evan, a basketball enthusiast, completed a sculpture of a man with a basketball; Paula, who likes dancing, created a dancer that lights up; Karen created a mermaid and Alec created a “cool guy” sculpture with glasses and a guitar.

“My hope is that others don’t put limits on these individuals,” said Phillips. “They can do great things.”

The sculptures, along with other student and instructor work, will be on display at Z Cafe in Bonsall this October and November. Board member Pauline Williams hopes the class will inspire students to do art activities on their own during the summer. CAE classes are on break and will resume in the fall with “Introduction to American Sign Language.”

The College of Adaptive Education is a nonaccredited, inclusive college experience for adults of all abilities. It operates under the nonprofit Jeremiah’s Ranch, which serves individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the Fallbrook area. For more information, visit www.collegeofadaptiveeducation.org and

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  1. Lee   June 28, 2017 at 8:57 am

    Absolutely wonderful!!!!

    Great art, students!!! Keep up the great work!!!


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