Eco-friendly hand cleaner being made in Fallbrook

FALLBROOK – The developer of Hands Maid’, an eco-friendly hand cleaner product, Wrenchers Body Products LLC is headquartered in Fallbrook.

Edward Buscis, managing member of Wrenchers said, “Anyone that’s ever tried to wash greasy hands with abrasive chemical cleaners knows how tough it is not only on your hands but the environment as well.” The product is targeted for workers with jobs in fields such as industrial trades, machine work, landscaping, farming, and automotive.

“Until now, workers in these fields had no choice but to use harsh cleansers to rid their hands of grease, grime and oil,” said Buscis. “To our knowledge, we are the first company to introduce a botanical, natural skin cleanser for heavy-duty applications. We know of no other products to equal it in the marketplace.”

Buscis said instead of using the harsh compound of pumice, his company uses the cleaning power of the soybean along with the scrubbing and exfoliating power of the walnut shell.

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