Fallbrook Directory being delivered to homes

 The 2013 Fallbrook Directory is now being delivered to homes in Greater Fallbrook.

 Delivery of this year’s Fallbrook Directory began December 10.

Fallbrook Directory general manager Shirley Seith and Carla Mackey, who works on advertising sales as well as the production of the directory when she is not delivering copies, began delivery to local businesses that day. Residential delivery began the week of January 7-11; Seith expects that the three-person team handling deliveries to every residence in Fallbrook, Bonsall, Rainbow, and DeLuz will have that task completed by mid-February if not earlier.

 Mackey began working for the Fallbrook Directory in December 2011. She is the third generation of the Mackey family to be involved with the Fallbrook Directory, which Wilbur Mackey founded in 1956. Charles Mackey still owns the Fallbrook Directory; he was in town when the 2013 books were received but began his most recent travel experience shortly afterward.

 This year’s Fallbrook Directory has 896 pages, including 610 pages of business advertisements and listings and 246 white pages of residential and business listings as well as maps, photos, and other various pages. “It’s a few pages down, not too many, though,” Seith said.

 Last year’s directory had 912 pages, including 625 yellow pages and 246 white pages.

 The front cover of this year’s Fallbrook Directory features the garden at the Grand Tradition. “This one is definitely one of my favorites. It’s just so bright and the colors are so brilliant,” Seith said.

 The dark blue spine is the first of that color since 2002. “It’s been a few years,” Seith said.

 The Fallbrook Directory has traditionally included historical black and white photographs at the end of the phone book. This year the photos, along with the historical notes, all feature Fallbrook High School or the school’s current site prior to the move from Ivy Street to Stage Coach Lane. “It’s all one big story about the high school and how it progressed along the way,” Seith said. “Our historical pictures always tell a story, but this year it’s just one theme.”

 The 2012 Fallbrook Directory was the first to be posted on the World Wide Web, which enables mid-year changes of listings. “The print we can’t do anything about, but the Web can be changed,” Seith said.

 Seith has no plans to discontinue to print version of the Fallbrook directory. “There are so many people in town that still go to this book,” she said.

 Changes in listings require notification to the Fallbrook Directory, which neither purchases lists nor sells information. “People need to let us know if they move or change their phone number, and that way they can be correct,” Seith said.

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