Fallbrook flower grower helps form Congressional Cut Flower Caucus

WASHINGTON DC – A coalition of American flower growers recently traveled to Washington to participate in a historic moment in U.S. floriculture history.

On Feb. 27, Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-24) and Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) of California announced the formation of the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus. Representing a bi-partisan effort to support and promote the domestic cut flower and greens farmers, the caucus is open to all members of Congress to join.

Diana Roy was a part of the delegation of American flower farmers who were on hand to witness the official kickoff of the caucus and to help recruit their members of Congress to join.

Roy is a flower farmer from Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers in Fallbrook.

“I was extremely proud to be a part of this important occasion,” said Roy. “Having a caucus focused on the future of flower farming in this country couldn’t be more timely.”

Roy also met with Congressman Darrell Issa from the 49th Congressional district inviting him to join the newly formed caucus too.

“Congressman Issa was completely supportive and agreed to join the caucus,” said Roy. “He not only loves flowers, but also understands how important flower farming is to our economy.”

A roundtable discussion marked the occasion of the newly formed caucus. Caucus co-chairs Hunter and Capps outlined the caucus’ focus on educating fellow members and staff on the economic and cultural importance of America’s cut flower and greens farmers, as well as the challenges U.S. farms face.

Future events will provide greater understanding of the issues and opportunities facing America’s cut flower farmers, their families and their flowers.

2 Responses to "Fallbrook flower grower helps form Congressional Cut Flower Caucus"

  1. Route 66   March 29, 2014 at 3:28 am

    Like other farmers, powerful businesses should have unfettered acces to politicians in the event "farming, mother nature, and the economy" go against them. Then they can put their hands out for an SUBSIDY and ENTITLEMENT – HEY ! IT’S THE CAPITALIST AMERICAN WAY !

  2. Reality Checker   April 2, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Route 66, I agree completely, bUt another thing to think about (and it’s a real important one) is that these politically connected groups love to make it sound like they are doing the community a favor, but….what’s really their desire is to block competition. This is important because it goes against the very fabric of American values. Against the American dream of starting your own business if you want to. How? Because politically connected groups and associations are able to get legislation passed requiring new start-ups to go through a vigorous, lengthy, training, review, and licensing process before they can open up and start making money. While their "package" is under review, those already up and running (that have the unethical alliance with politicians) are the ones that determine whether or not you get a license to operate in teh state. That enables them to keep their competition out, and them to have a corner on the market. Look for yourself, because no investigative journalism happens anymore. Look up all the boards and commissions that are established in California to do just that. Look at who is on these boards. There’s one for interior decorators, and another for furniture re-upholstering. Now, ask yourself, why does an interior decorator need to get "approved" by some state board of interior decorators in order to obtain a license to work? Why? So they can keep their boot on the competition’s proverbial neck, that’s why. Is this one of those instances? Maybe not. But, it does happen and it’s absolutely UN-AMERICAN!!


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