Fallbrook School of the Arts receives $50,000 donation

Ceramics is one of the children’s classes offered at the Fallbrook School of the Arts.

FALLBROOK – Paul and Diane Garrett have generously committed $50,000, over two years, in support of the Fallbrook School of the Arts. This is a unique gift that will infuse the day-to-day activities of the school with a predictable and solid source of revenue. This stabilizes operational funding and allows the school to grow and explore new vistas of creativity and expression.

The Garretts extend a challenge to all art lovers to join them in supporting the Fallbrook School of the Arts “where creativity is nurtured, skills are acquired, and art is made.”  Joining them in this effort is a powerful investment in the Fallbrook community and the vision for a vibrant and viable historic village presence.

Jerri Patchett, president of Fallbrook Arts, Inc, commented that “this generous donation is going to enable us to expand our programming at the art school, adding new areas of art learning for youth, families and students of all ages.” She added, “No child is ever turned away from enrolling at our Fallbrook School of the Arts due to financial hardship.”

Painting is a popular class at the Fallbrook School of the Arts.

Fallbrook Arts, Inc., has set some ambitious goals for the next year with the express purpose of enriching the Fallbrook community:

  • To continue to grow their recognition as an arts destination through exhibitions, classes and workshops, working with artists of national and international recognition.
  • To increase collaborative and outreach efforts with local and regional schools, resulting in the continuation and expansion of offerings to children and students of every age, skill level and socioeconomic group.
  • To invest in programs that will provide new technology growth opportunities, such as digital arts, in order for the school to remain on the cutting-edge of curriculum offerings.

Fallbrook Arts Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is dedicated to providing exemplary art venues and a vibrant arts education program. For more information, see www.fallbrookartsinc.org and for the art school, see fallbrookschoolofthearts.org.

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