Local narrator launches audio book thriller

FALLBROOK – Take one voice-over talent, Greg Dehm, add a thrilling suspense tale of epic proportion, mix in over three dozen unique character voices, and blend well with Dehm’s natural vocal style as recorded in a Fallbrook studio. The result: the 15-hour audio book, “Wet Desert – a Novel,” written by Gary Hansen and narrated by Greg Dehm.

“Wet Desert” is a tale of environmental terrorism on a grand scale, as a water resources manager is swept into a desperate race against a fanatical terrorist bent on restoring the Colorado River at all costs in a cat-and-mouse chase of suspense, where the stakes are high and destruction awaits around the next bend of the river. 

Greg Dehm began is his professional voice-over career as a reader for the blind at the KPBS Reading Service in San Diego while undertaking industry training through study under, amongst others, Steve Schatzberg, the industrial voice of Piglet, and Budd Barth who voiced Fred Flintstone.  

In addition to broadcast and industrial sound work, for the past nine years Dehm has contributed the voice of Carlito the cross-eyed reindeer for the annual “Holiday Magic – A Gift for Children of All Ages” by Gelderhead Productions which is distributed to hospital-bound children world-wide. 

Voicing “Wet Desert” presented creative opportunity for Dehm. “Every day I found a new voice within me to bring to life all the characters of this amazing novel – some even I had never heard before!” The novelist, a Whitney Award finalist for Best Novel by a New Author, selected Dehm from a nation-wide audition. “I can’t thank Greg enough for bringing my story to life and making the audio book better than the written story,” said Hansen.

“It was really an amazing organic process – a great story that needed to be voiced. I was honored to be selected by Gary and know the audio book will be heard by many for a long, long time to come,” added Dehm.

To hear a sample of the audio book, visit www.amazon.com/Wet-Desert-A-Novel/dp/B009M61BM4.

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