Members of North County Networking add value to each other’s businesses – Local group’s motto is “Professional – Capable – Ethical”

In talking with Sandra Tatzer, it is clear that the organization she has been affiliated with for 18 years, North County Networking, has added great value to her individual business. Tatzer, who is serving her second term as president of the group, explained that the loyalty within the membership has not only benefited her tremendously, but the other members as well.

“Many members talk about how it has totally built their business,” said Tatzer, who is an independent executive senior sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. “Some people have said their business probably would have never gotten off the ground without it.”

Essentially, North County Networking, which was formed over 25 years ago, consists of a group of people that help generate quality business leads for each other and, in turn, create success for themselves.

“We work on referring people to each other; it is a sense of building one another up and acting on opportunities,” said Tatzer, who emphasized that the key to success in the group is consistency in participating. Discussing effective business strategies and how best to promote one’s business pays off for these business people.

“It is so important to get and stay ‘plugged in’ and consistent in a program like this,” she said. “We constantly focus on how we can add value to each other and our respective businesses.”

Professions vary greatly in this networking group. Current members include entrepreneurs, attorneys (different specialties), a dentist, real estate professional, stylist, accountant, insurance agent, banker, photographer, fitness instructor, manicurist, computer specialist, and much more.

“We do not have conflicting businesses or services represented in the group,” said Tatzer. “The first thing we do is make sure there is no type of industry conflict with another member. Each member is unique in their type of business in the group.” Tatzer clarified requirements further.

“A person does not have to own their own business to join our group; it just needs to be a person who has an interest in growing the business they are affiliated with,” said Tatzer.

The group meets every Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. at Caf

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