Quality guidance for insurance, retirement and college funding at Cyan Insurance Solutions

Cyan Insurance Solutions, an independent agency with offices in both Fallbrook and Bonsall, has served the community for 14 years. Owned by Ken and April Finster, the firm provides an assortment of services, including insurance, college funding and retirement plans..

It is important to the Finsters that they offer a wide variety of insurance policy options, so that their clients can select the best plan. They also personally tailor innovative programs in order to plan for college funding and retirement.

April specializes in health, dental, vision and Medicare insurance solutions, and Ken provides expertise in life and annuities. These long-time Fallbrook residents cater to the individual, family and small business.

As the Federal Health Care Reform Law (or Affordable Care Act) will soon be dramatically affecting national healthcare, daily modifications are occurring. The Finsters constantly review these adjustments, and inform their clients about the latest updates.

“We really believe in being tapped into what is going on, especially in the healthcare field, and we belong to the San Diego, California, and National Health Insurance Agent Organizations.” said Ken.

Jan. 1, 2014 will bring major changes to health insurance, and as early as October of 2013, the enrollment period begins. In many cases, those with individual or family policies will have to change their plans, and small employers, consisting of 50 or less employees, will also need to change plans. It is projected that there will be over 200,000 pages of changes applied to present healthcare law.

When asked about his thoughts regarding the recent Time Magazine “Bitter Pill” article, published March 4, 2013, Ken remarked, “We have known about a lot of those facts for years. The rising cost of healthcare comes primarily from the hospitals and drug companies.”

Cyan offers insurances such as health, dental, vision, disability, long term care, international travel, and workers compensation. For small businesses which have at least two employees, Cyan can help find a group plan, and there is guaranteed issue of coverage regardless of the state of health. “Key Man” insurance is a way of protecting a valuable part of a business, such as the person who invented the product that the sales are based upon.

Life insurance, wealth transfer and annuities, are Ken’s specialties. He says that while the major benefit from a life insurance policy is obviously the income tax freedom from the death benefit, there are ways to strategize a cash value life insurance plan to also subsidize other investments. One of Cyan Insurance Solutions main focuses is looking for ways to find monies that the client already has, but may not know how to obtain or recognize.

“Discovering how cash is flowing through your family and analyzing the efficiencies of it, is one way that we can help.” said Ken. “We look at your current position and goals, and are able to provide detailed spreadsheets and projections, based on your information.”

Annuities are a fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, usually for the rest of their life. Ken practices a Private Reserve Strategy, which finds ways to help clients finance large purchases, such as cars, weddings and college. By accumulating a pool of accessible money, individuals and families have more access and control.

Planning for college is becoming more of a financial challenge, Ken said, given rising tuition costs. As a certified College Planning Relief Specialist, Ken has given numerous free financial planning workshops in the community, addressing issues such as reducing cost of out of pocket college expenses, comparing private versus public, and how to go about obtaining financial aid.

The Finsters are members of North County Networking and both the Fallbrook and Bonsall chambers of commerce. Ken serves as the treasurer on the board of the Fallbrook chamber while April is a member of the Fallbrook Hospital Focus Group.

Online quotes for health and dental insurance can be obtained by visiting www.CyanInsurance.com. Call Ken or April Finster at (760) 501-0293.

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