Rainbow Water general manager to step down

FALLBROOK – The Rainbow Water District Board of Directors has announced that general manager Dave Seymour will be retiring after leading the agency for the past five years. His expected last day will be Dec. 14.

Seymour, who is a resident of Fallbrook, gave his reason for leaving as the recent loss of the use of his vocal cords. “I had surgery this past summer and although it was very successful and I received a clean bill of health, I guess I was the one in 250 patients who suffer vocal cord damage. That left me with a very hoarse voice which isn’t conducive to public speaking.”

Prior to his tenure there had been a revolving door of general managers at Rainbow. Seymour credits the district’s employees and board of directors, along with considerable ratepayer involvement, as the reason for the recent stability. “I was just in the right place at the right time. Everyone was ready for positive change so I just tried to stay out of staff’s way and help them where I could. Rainbow is on the right track now and I have no concern about the district slipping back to old ways.”

Seymour said his departure shouldn’t have an impact on the current consolidation study. “My plans to retire sort of kicked this whole concept off, so maybe it can help accelerate the process now. Whether we ultimately consolidate with FPUD or form a Joint-Powers Authority or pursue a functional consolidation is yet to be determined, but whatever happens I am sure will save the ratepayers money.”

The Rainbow board of directors will discuss filling the general manager vacancy at a future board meeting.

2 Responses to "Rainbow Water general manager to step down"

  1. Me   October 7, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    "but whatever happens I am sure will save the ratepayers money."

    Let’s hope so…..We have the highest base rate of all 23 districts.

  2. Huh?   October 8, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    So does this mean RWD meetings are going to be interesting again? They use to be the best source of cheap entertainment in town.

    Popcorn, anyone?


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