Trupiano working to restore 127 West Social House

When Faro Trupiano’s Fallbrook restaurant, the 127 West Social House, was damaged by fire, several other restaurateurs told him, “Just walk away.”

Trupiano responded, “I can’t. I can’t walk away from the people who are telling me, ‘We miss 127 West.’”

“I feel that part of my slogan needs to be, ‘127 West – For the People,’ because so many people embraced it in a way that I could never have imagined,” said Trupiano. “Now I just feel that I have to give it back to them. I gave it to them once – it was taken away – and now I feel that I need to give it back.”

Trupiano is also trying to replicate what he can from memory and photos. As it is an historical building, great care needs to be taken during the process. 127 West Social House is due to reopen in the spring.

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