Deliberately blind or deliberately deceptive?

In the world of extreme politics we sometimes encounter the blindest: those who will not see. We generally tend to steer clear of such people. We also encounter those who know the truth but choose to pervert it because they cannot bring themselves to admit they have been wrong, or because it will diminish their sense […]

Candidate Forum important

I would like to personally thank the Fallbrook Democratic Club for sponsoring the Candidate Forum of the Fallbrook Union High School District Board of Trustees, which was held at FPUD on Thursday, September 7. Approximately 100 people were in attendance to hear the candidates give opening statements and respond to pre-determined questions with imposed time […]

The true spirit of Fallbrook

The residents of Fallbrook once again showed the true spirit of volunteerism and commitment to the environment. On Sept. 16th Keep Fallbrook Clean and Green took part in the 22nd Annual California Coastal Clean up Day. Working with the County of San Diego, The San Diego Coast Keepers and I Love a Clean San Diego […]

You’ve got to be kidding

After being out of the area for the past month visiting family, I returned to see a flyer listing the three candidates that the Fallbrook High School Teacher’s Union is endorsing for the board election this November. When I saw former FHS principal Marc Steffler’s name on that list, I thought, “You’ve got to be […]

Save Our School with your vote

I have been a resident of Fallbrook for 28 years. My three children attended Fallbrook High School from 1996 until 2005. During those nine years, we saw the quality of education decline and the entire high school experience deteriorate. The two incumbent board candidates who are up for re-election were on the school board during […]

The word illegal means illegal!

In 1986 Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which granted amnesty to illegal aliens who had continually evaded law enforcement. This resulted in 2.8 million illegal aliens being admitted as legal immigrants to the United States. After Reagan had signed this into law, people thought that the immigration problem was “solved” and that […]

Fallbrook for the organically inclined

It has been quite the year of hard work with both of us working fulltime plus running a small organic farm, so I decided that my husband and I would take a day off and give ourselves a well deserved pamper. Where to go? We did not fancy going into San Diego and dealing with all that […]

Our blood has been wasted

The attack of 9/11 was horrendous, no question about it. What has transpired since, however, has played directly into the hands of Al Queda. With a single blow they have completely transformed life in the US as we know it. They have won a big victory, and without the need for an encore. Billions of […]

Do your beliefs compel you to humiliate others?

Mark Wynen (‘Speak out against anti-family bills,’ 8/31/06) warns us about our state legislators’ desire to destroy families. “Lawmakers bent on promoting homosexuality in the public schools… to undermine the foundation of family values.” Since when is the very foundation of family values based on admonishing homosexuals? “SB 1437… goes beyond just the normalization of […]

Gala celebrates Village Association accomplishments

(Above) Fallbrook royalty presents leis to the guests of the Fallbrook Village Association’s annual gala. (Right) Bev and Earl McDougal are ready to enjoy the evening and celebrate the good work accomplished by the Fallbrook Village Association at the organization’s annual gala. The event was held Sept 15, at the Grand Tradition’s new Arbor Terrace.