Freshman class needs help

The Fallbrook High School Class of 2010 needs your help. Due to unfortunate circumstances, this class has had to rebuild the frame of their float for this year’s Homecoming ceremony. This, of course, has taken a huge portion of their allocated budget. If anybody in the community can help with building material or snacks for […]

We finally found a great petting zoo, market

This weekend my family saw an ad in the Village News about a farmer’s market/petting zoo in Rainbow. I thought it was the one by The Oaks of Rainbow and the nearby mini market. We got out of the car and looked at all the vendors, antiques, etc. We couldn’t find the petting zoo, so […]

RE: ‘Empty boots of fallen heroes’

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for thought that went into this article (by Nathalie Taylor). This was so nice. The pictures are amazing. I am skeptical about media and the tact that they have, but you have truly done these Marines justice and our families justice. I cried when I read the article; […]

What a great idea for Hwy 76

A beautiful “scenic” California Highway where drivers can take in the sights and smells of the 600 daily dump truck trips along with the residual trash that escapes from the beat-up trucks — of course, getting stuck behind a fully loaded dump truck as it tries to navigate Highway 76 will allow drivers and passengers […]

RE: ‘New airport discussed

I didn’t see the two original articles/letters (Meyers and Russell), but in response to Robert Green: Has he not read or does he not understand the ballot language? And, has he not read or heard that the Airport Authority has stated that “joint use will not work?” With that said, it’s obvious that if it will not […]

There is an angel in Fallbrook

I’m writing this letter to say there are still angels in Fallbrook. On Monday, September 11, I was stopped at the Main Street Gas Station to get air in my tires, a chore I had put off much to long. I was getting ready to put my four quarters in the slot when this young […]

Deliberately blind or deliberately deceptive?

In the world of extreme politics we sometimes encounter the blindest: those who will not see. We generally tend to steer clear of such people. We also encounter those who know the truth but choose to pervert it because they cannot bring themselves to admit they have been wrong, or because it will diminish their sense […]

Candidate Forum important

I would like to personally thank the Fallbrook Democratic Club for sponsoring the Candidate Forum of the Fallbrook Union High School District Board of Trustees, which was held at FPUD on Thursday, September 7. Approximately 100 people were in attendance to hear the candidates give opening statements and respond to pre-determined questions with imposed time […]

The true spirit of Fallbrook

The residents of Fallbrook once again showed the true spirit of volunteerism and commitment to the environment. On Sept. 16th Keep Fallbrook Clean and Green took part in the 22nd Annual California Coastal Clean up Day. Working with the County of San Diego, The San Diego Coast Keepers and I Love a Clean San Diego […]

You’ve got to be kidding

After being out of the area for the past month visiting family, I returned to see a flyer listing the three candidates that the Fallbrook High School Teacher’s Union is endorsing for the board election this November. When I saw former FHS principal Marc Steffler’s name on that list, I thought, “You’ve got to be […]