Jan requests lost pancake recipe

I love hearing from readers. Be it suggestion, compliment, complaint or request, it is gratifying to know that, paraphrasing a popular commercial, “When I write, you read… and cook.” I also respect the obligations that come with the job. This includes finding lost recipes. So when Jan R. e-mailed the Village News to tell me […]

Tips for Dining Out

Sushi Burrito Yama Restaurant and Sushi Bar, located at 1067 South Main Street (Next to the Do-It-Center), serves a delicious ‘Sushi Burrito,’ which is spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and cilantro wrapped in rice paper. The cilantro and avocado give it a bit of a Mexican flavor. This delicious combination is $6.95 and is a refreshing […]

New Year’s resolution: no dieting!

Everyone says it and no one does it. The “it” in question is getting real about “dieting.” If we define a diet as a restricted eating plan, everyone knows it doesn’t work in the long run — the “long run” being several years. After all, if you dieted, lost 50 pounds, and bought a new […]

Tips for Dining Out

Chicken & Shrimp Baja At the San Luis Rey Downs Sports Bar (31474 Golf Club Drive in Bonsall) I can order a delicious “Chicken & Shrimp Baja” with a fire-grilled tequila-lime marinated chicken breast paired with honey-chipotle prawns served with rice, pineapple-mango salsa and flour tortillas. That’s a mouthful in more ways than one! I […]

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