Houghton’s “Natural Gourmet” Cookbook purely homemade

From the creation to each recipe, the photographs, tips and suggestions Karen Houghton, RN, has created a homemade masterpiece in her “Natural Gourmet” Cookbook. “The book has been in my mind ever since I started teaching cooking classes at my church,” Karen said. Many will remember classes Karen has been teaching for 15 years at […]

Great grilling can make summertime entertaining simple

Great grilling can make summertime entertaining simple

The backyard barbecue is one of America’s most beloved, iconic traditions. Summertime entertaining season is upon us once again, meaning it’s time to perfect your grilling game to avoid falling into the same old rut. Boring burgers and ho-hum hot dogs can get old fast, but it’s easier than you might think to add a […]

Avocados can get your taste buds dancing when used in tantalizing salsas

Not only are avocados essential for guacamole, they are blazing new trails as a key ingredient in fresh salsas. Avocados add luxurious texture and lively color to salsa and transform otherwise ordinary celebrations into fiestas. Avocado salsas complement grilled meats, add spice to tacos and tostadas and are especially enjoyed as a zesty dip. If […]

Try avocado as a great first food for baby

Pediatricians continue to acknowledge that babies do not always need to start solid foods with bland and pasty infant cereals. Many suggest the goodness of avocado as a first food for baby. It is said that an avocado is so packed with nutrients that it is the only single food that a human could survive […]

The healthy holiday table

It was a Thanksgiving feast fit for royalty when we at the Village News prepared and enjoyed a delicious holiday meal together Friday, November 20.   Understanding that much discussion took place regarding the development of the menu, preparation of the food, attractive presentation of the cuisine, and nutritional requirements of this meal, it provided […]

Getting Ready for Easter

Even if we didn’t have a calendar, a stroll through a supermarket would tell you it is almost spring. Of all those sprouting now, few are as quick to prepare as asparagus, spinach or fresh tender chard. For asparagus, the “peel-or-not-to-peel” debate continues. My only advice is that those who have tasted peeled asparagus generally […]

‘Cooking with Flavor’ spices up everyday favorites

Everyone knows McCormick. What may be new is a spicy cookbook: “McCormick: Cooking with Flavor” (Publisher Time, Inc. Home Entertainment). This coming, mind you, from a 100-year-plus company whose name is a household word. I am impressed and recommend the book to you for two reasons: 1. Herbs and spices can enliven food in the […]

Mediterranean Diet

The obvious? I love food. More recently I’ve grown to love healthy cooking and eating. For me this translates to some different choices. Persons even slightly interested in their health (your first wealth?) will want to have a gander at “The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook” by Nancy Harmon Jenkins, Bantam Books. Unlike more faddish books […]

The Best of My Irish Heritage for Your Table and Mine

“Tis said one can not improve on the best. Thus here are some of my very best for St. Patrick’s Day over the past ten years. So, even if you’ve never been one to celebrate this holiday, be encouraged in that these recipes are almost fool-proof. Once a year we are all Irish. My father’s […]

Kid-friendly food and ‘inspired’ simple suppers

As any grandmother might do, I plan for when the grandchildren visit and have what we call “kid-friendly” food on hand for their meals. Recently, Hannah (10) and Charlotte (8…almost 9, she’d remind all) were joined for lunch by Ashley Zimmerman (9) and younger brother Joseph (5). The PB&J main course was augmented by an […]