Health Champion for November recognized by Sen. Anderson

Health Champion for November recognized by Sen. Anderson

FALLBROOK – Representatives from Senator Joel Anderson’s office attended the Feb. 5 Woman of Wellness event to recognize Hines Growers for being selected the Health Champion for the month of November, 2016. Fallbrook Healthcare District (FHD) initiated a collaborative consisting of FHD, Fallbrook Senior Center, Fallbrook Smiles, Fallbrook Food Pantry, Fallbrook Community Health Center, Foundation […]

Parenting a teenager made easier

American Counseling Association Special to The Village News Yes, being the parent of a teenager can be made “easier,” but sorry, it’s probably never going to be “easy.” The teenage years are a difficult time in the life of a young person, and unfortunately, it usually makes for a difficult time in the life of […]

WOW to focus on diabetes

FALLBROOK – Fallbrook Healthcare District’s next Woman of Wellness program will be held on Thursday, Feb. 2 at Fallbrook Library, 124 S. Mission Rd. The presentation will be on “Diabetes and Nutrition Pre-Diabetes” which are significant health issues in most communities and no one is immune. Attendees will learn how diet and exercise can reverse […]

Learn to protect yourself and loved ones from strokes

Dr. Terry A. Rondberg Special to the Village News Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke. Forty more seconds, another stroke. More than 795,000 strokes each year. Of these, more than 140,000 people die, making strokes the third leading disease cause of death in the country. According to the National Stroke Association, […]

Hospitals are penalized for harming patients

By Trudy Lieberman Rural Health News Service Anyone facing a hospital stay for themselves or a family member should look at new data the government released right before Christmas showing that it penalized 769 of the nation’s hospitals for having high rates of patient injuries. The monetary penalties – a reduction for the year in […]

Don’t get stuck with Medicare late fees

By Greg Dill Special to the Village News This past holiday season, I found myself in line at the airport counter, waiting to check a bag prior to a flight to visit family and friends. The gentlemen in front of me got frustrated when the customer agent said he had to pay more to check […]

Passage of AB 1795 expands breast cancer care for women under 40

TEMECULA – Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center is proud to announce that – thanks to the passage of AB 1795 – all women, regardless of age, will have timely access to receive the necessary services to detect and treat their cancers early. This means that any woman with a symptom of breast cancer can […]

The Dala Center now features equine assisted personal development services

The Dala Center now features equine assisted personal development services

FALLBROOK – The Dala Center, a serene and holistic farm located on Burma Road in Fallbrook, has been known for providing affordable therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with and without disabilities. With the addition of a licensed mental health clinician, they are now featuring non-riding modalities that are also therapeutic. “We have so much […]

Twenty-seven percent of adults have untreated cavities

Twenty-seven percent of adults have untreated cavities

FALLBROOK –  Respected local dentist Dr. Clayton Cooke has stated that many American adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have untreated cavities in their teeth. Cooke explained that there are three important things to understand about dental health. The first is that good, regular dental hygiene is the best weapon against cavities. Second, […]