New Curves location opens in Fallbrook

Waco-based Curves International, Inc., the world’s largest fitness center franchise, has announced the opening of its newest Curves location — in Fallbrook at 123 W. Alvarado St. The center brings to residents a supportive environment offering 30-minute fitness solutions with a common sense weight loss program that helps break the weight loss cycle. “We are […]

News on sleep deprivation and your health

At last week’s American Diabetes Association in National Sessions, I found out that lack of sleep is associated with risk of diabetes. Improving sleep is now considered very important intervention to reducing the risk for diabetes. However, NIH researcher Dr. Eve Van Canter on sleep deprivation told us that changing people’s sleeping habits was harder […]

Enforce the law

Did I miss something? When I drive along Highway 76 east of Highway 15, I see shipping containers, tons of large pipes and just plain construction “junk” stored on the banks of the San Luis Rey River, right in the habitat for the endangered Arroyo Toad and dozens of other endangered and threatened species. I […]

FUHS community members and Class of 2005 graduates

I want to say thank you to the parents, students and staff who attended the 2005 FUHS graduation ceremony on June 16. This year’s graduation ceremony was a huge success. It was successful, not simply because 517 students graduated but because of the behavior and decorum shown during the graduation ceremony. Whether assisting with the […]

Expediting vital patient information

“Call 911!” a wife hears her husband shout. He’s fallen from the roof and is lying bleeding on the ground. Within seconds, it seems, a North County Fire Protection District fire truck rolls up the driveway, an ambulance right behind. At once paramedics hover over her injured husband, assessing his injuries, giving aid. Another paramedic […]

Learn to cope with stress at work

Feeling stressed at work? Maybe it’s your boss’ micromanaging, the constant deadlines or some irritating, competitive coworkers that are causing you to have sleepless nights, triggering headaches or making your blood pressure rise. Whatever the reason may be, prolonged stress can affect not only your job productivity but also your personal relationships and your physical […]

Power wheelchairs available

Miracle on Wheels makes available electric power wheelchairs to non-ambulatory senior citizens (65 years old & up) and the permanently disabled of any age, if they qualify. Usually, there is no charge or out-of-pocket expense for the power wheelchair, including shipping and delivery to the home by a technician, who makes the final adjustment to […]

Parkinson’s Support Group

The Fallbrook Parkinson’s Support Group will have a potluck on Sunday, June 26, at 2 p.m. This will be at the Fallbrook Hospital in conference room B. Please bring a favorite dish and recipe for it; tableware and drinks will be furnished. If you would like to bring a friend, please do so. The support […]

Risks for childhood obesity

By the tender age of three, children are developing habits that will mean they are more likely to be overweight or obese. “We shouldn’t be complacent about the lifestyles of our children,” Dr. John Reilly, an expert on child obesity at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, said. “What our study is showing is that […]

Fallbrook Hospital Auxiliary awards scholarships

The Fallbrook Hospital Auxiliary will award scholarships to 22 students from the Fallbrook area who are preparing for careers in the medical field. The recipients, who graduated from Fallbrook Union High School last week, include Gregoria Beltran, Robert Chodola, Mary David, Katelyn Dixon, Andrew Gausephol, Norma Martinez, Kaleigh Matthews, Lauren Murphy and Marcelina Rodriguez. Former […]