To drink or not to drink coffee

The United States is a coffee-drinking nation. Up until recently when it concerned research on the effects of caffeine on our bodies — coffee was a given. Caffeine intake makes insulin more resistant to changes in blood sugar levels, Canadian researchers report. This effect was observed both in patients with and those without diabetes and […]

Laughter Therapy at Fallbrook Hospital

It’s time for spring cleaning! Dust off your old attitudes and learn the importance of laughter by joining us for Laughter Therapy. We don’t tell jokes; we learn how to laugh for the pure joy of laughing. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month from 4-5 p.m. at Fallbrook Hospital in conference rooms […]

Look who’s one year old!

FALLBROOK — The Fallbrook Adult Day Care Center, a program of the Fallbrook HealthCare Foundation, recently celebrated its first-year anniversary. The center, affectionately called “The Club,” celebrated the anniversary by honoring caregivers, family members and friends with a party given by the clients and staff. They enjoyed a music performance, a visit from a “Pet […]

Bella Dental offers discounts for new patients

Dr. Quinn Thai is busy. Meet her just once and it’s evident why. Not only is she enthusiastic and gracious, her office gleams with the latest equipment in a setting designed to reflect both good taste and confidence in her patients. She’s Fallbrook’s newest dentist whose practice, Bella Dental is located in the Major Market […]

Martial Arts fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

FALLBROOK — Master Dan Paulson, instructor and owner of Martial Arts Concepts, has announced he will hold a fundraiser on May 7 to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As part of this fundraiser, Martial Arts Concepts students in Taekwondo, Hapkido and fitness training will participate in a kick-a-thon, board-breaking and fitness challenge, all designed to raise […]

Care advocate hired by Fallbrook HealthCare Foundation

FALLBROOK — The Fallbrook HealthCare Foundation is pleased to announce their newest service to the community: the Care Advocate program. The program is designed for seniors and people with chronic health problems who may live alone, feel isolated, be unfamiliar with local resources or who are simply struggling to meet their needs on their own. […]

Integrated Healing Arts helps patients heal themselves

“My goal for patients is to teach them how to heal themselves,” said Dr. Dean Robinson of the Integrated Healing Arts medical practice in Fallbrook. “If I can give someone a way to be independent of me, then I think I’ve done them a real favor.” At Integrated Healing Arts the goal is not just […]

W.C. Fields appears at Regency Fallbrook

FALLBROOK — The celebration of the arrival of spring at Regency Fallbrook included happy memories of days gone by. Mr. W.C. Fields stepped out of the past and came to visit the senior residence. Festivities began with a special meal (from four different restaurants in Fallbrook) and balloons. W.C. (portrayed expertly by David Springhorn) visited with each […]

The Natural Foot opens in Bonsall’s River Village

BONSALL — The Natural Foot is opening soon in the River Village Bonsall Shopping Plaza. The Natural Foot is a one-of-a-kind foot, leg and back relief store like no other, where trained personnel greet you with warm, friendly smiles in a unique store that’s all about helping your feet. And by the way, it’s “okay” […]

Fallbrook Hospital serves the community

FALLBROOK — One of Fallbrook’s true gems is its hospital. Nestled in the heart of the community, it has served the needs of residents since 1950, offering the latest in medical services along with the sincere care that earmarks Fallbrook as the Friendly Village. Though part of a small community, there is nothing small about […]