Hot weather? Know the symptoms and cures for these 3 heat illnesses

Hot weather? Know the symptoms and cures for these 3 heat illnesses

Courtesy of the San Diego Regional Fire Foundation This summer, San Diego temperatures topped 100 degrees in the valleys and 124 in the desert. 124 is the highest temperature reading ever recorded in San Diego County, and according to the National Weather Service  it is just 10 degrees shy of the hottest temperature ever recorded […]

Hospitals may become accredited even with poor, unsafe care

Trudy Lieberman Rural Health News Service Earlier this year an Illinois woman sent an email, telling me of the poor care her husband received at a large Chicago hospital. After six weeks of fighting for his life, he died. “I wish you could see his records and all the infections and surgeries he had,” she […]

Fall prevention awareness is important for seniors

Sandra Buckingham Special to the Village News The 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day is being observed on Sept. 22 – the first day of fall. This event raises awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults as about one in three individuals over the age of 65 are at risk for a fall every year. Falling at any […]

Red Cross encourages blood and platelet donations

FALLBROOK – As the American Red Cross responds to wildfires and historic hurricanes, eligible donors are reminded that giving blood during National Preparedness Month in September is one way to help ensure the Red Cross is prepared to respond to patient emergencies across the country every day. The American Red Cross will be holding a […]

Albertsons to host mobile blood drive Sept. 25

FALLBROOK – Albertsons is hosting a mobile blood drive in partnership with the San Diego Blood Bank from 1 to 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 25 in their parking lot at 1133 S. Mission Road in Fallbrook. About one in seven people entering a hospital need blood. One pint of blood, which is the amount volunteers […]

Annual screening for prostate cancer set for Sept. 30

FALLBROOK – The Fallbrook Regional Health District is teaming up with Dr. Philip Brodak of the Tri-Valley Urology Medical Group and the Fallbrook Family Health Center again this year to offer a free prostate cancer screening opportunity Saturday, Sept. 30 from 7 to 9 a.m. It will be held at Fallbrook Family Health Center, 1328 […]

San Diego County supervisors ratify hepatitis A emergency declaration

James R. Riffel Special to Village News The San Diego County Board of Supervisors unanimously ratified a declaration of a public health emergency in San Diego County Sept. 6 related to an outbreak of hepatitis A that has sickened nearly 400 people, 15 fatally. The emergency was declared by the county’s public health officer, Dr. […]

San Diego suicides leveling off

Jose A. Alvarez County of San Diego Communications Office After several years of continued increases, the number of people who commit suicide in the San Diego region has remained relatively the same. According to the San Diego County Suicide Prevention Council’s recently released 2017 Report to the Community, there were 431 deaths by suicide in […]

Two ways to get Medicare benefits

Greg Dill Special to Village News At a family reunion last month, my Aunt Abby and Uncle Glen got into a squabble over the best way to get their Medicare benefits. Uncle Glen is an Original Medicare man and has been for nearly a decade. Aunt Abby prefers Medicare Advantage, which is similar to a […]

Volunteering is a great way to reduce senior stress

The American Counseling Association Special to Village News As we age, few of us are going to be one of those smiling, gray-haired, fictional people that advertisers love to show. The reality is that many older Americans find themselves facing a variety of issues and problems that can bring substantial amounts of stress to their […]