Live Oak Park

Live Oak Park is the perfect setting for picnics any time of the year, but during the summer the grove of sprawling oaks provides a canopy of shade that makes picnics particularly enjoyable. Once known as Reche’s Grove, the area has been a favorite picnic spot for over one hundred years. Live Oak Park was […]

Skinner spill forces temporary shutoff

A malfunction at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Skinner Treatment Plant forced a nine-hour shutdown of water deliveries June 22 and tested demand water management plans of nearby water agencies. Delivery to wholesale and retail agencies was cut in half during the shutdown, although the agencies had sufficient storage to impact water users. […]

FPUD won’t feel impact of Lake Skinner water failure

FALLBROOK — As water suppliers all over the county felt the pinch after Lake Skinner’s water treatment plant had an operational failure two weeks ago, Fallbrook Public Utility District customers can breathe a sigh of relief, as they won’t notice a cut in their water supply. FPUD began tapping into its own 440-million-gallon Red Mountain […]

CWA approves integrated management plan application $2.5 million requested for Santa Margarita land acquisition

The San Diego County Water Authority approved a resolution for an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan grant application during the CWA’s June 23 board meeting. The application, which seeks Proposition 50 funding from the California Department of Water Resources, includes a $2.5 million request for land acquisition along the Santa Margarita Corridor. “They will award […]

Rainbow ‘Farmer’s Market’ blossoming

RAINBOW — Under the shade of the wide sycamores in Rainbow Park a ‘Farmer’s Market’ has blossomed. It began several months ago with a few vendors and has now grown to between 15 and 20 vendors. Vegetables, fruit, collectibles, birdhouses, unique clothing and various types of artwork are showcased on the cool grass while residents […]

Water pressure and wells: what you need to know

Everyone wants good water pressure in his or her house. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your water slow to a trickle in the middle of a shower or some other activity. Fortunately, there are a number of approaches to ensuring good water pressure for people who have private, household water wells. Even wells that […]

Garden Club presents scholarships

FALLBROOK — The Fallbrook Garden Club has a history of awarding scholarships to deserving students who pursue a course of studies in accordance with the objectives of garden club standards. These standards include being a resident or graduate of the Fallbrook Union High School District and planning a career in agriculture, botany, conservation, entomology, environmental […]

Garden talk in the Square

A garden can be many things and many things can comprise a garden. That was underscored when the Fallbrook Garden Club treated local residents and visitors to an educational day in the Fallbrook Village Square on June 11 during National Garden Week. The local group, comprised of some 400 members, presented numerous demonstrations pertaining to […]

Protea growers’ school held in Rainbow

The California Protea Association and the California Ornamental Research Foundation co-sponsored a protea growers’ school May 24 at the Resendiz Brothers nursery in Rainbow. Approximately 65 growers and aspirants joined the handful of presenters at the workshop. “We’re pleased to put it on, and I’m glad those who came came, and it was pretty well-received,” […]

Roger’s Tree Pick for June 2005: the magnificent melaleuca

If you’re looking for some really wonderful flowering drought-tolerant trees that come in many forms and shapes, melaleuca (“meh-luh-LOO-kuh”) is a family to investigate and explore with the many varieties that exist. Australia is home to 140 or more species of melaleuca and many of these are very adaptable to our Southern California gardens. The […]