Landscape designer wins four awards

A Fallbrook landscape designer was recognized with four awards at the recent 20th Anniversary Spring Home/Garden Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the display garden created as part of the “Garden Masters” showcase. “The Artist’s View” by Garden Masters Margie Rader of The Original Living Wreath in Fallbrook and Pat Hammer of Samia Rose […]

Free landscapes Classes Offered

Mission Resource Conservation District presents a series of free classes designed for the homeowner or amateur gardener who wants to create and maintain a beautiful landscape while conserving water and protecting natural resources. These classes are suitable for people with no previous background and will deepen and clarify anyone’s understanding of landscape planning, home irrigation […]

How a house becomes a new owner’s home

Every home has a personality that reflects its owner. As a case in point, I found it interesting to watch the changes to this house near the Fallbrook Golf Course. I know the place well, as it was our home until about l0 years ago — and it recently changed owners when the couple who […]

CWA authorizes membrane

The San Diego County Water Authority voted to authorize a consultant agreement for a regional membrane bioreactor system study. The February 24 CWA board vote approves a contract with MWH Americas, Inc., for up to $74,185. The study will evaluate siting membrane bioreactors at locations throughout the county where customers with recycled water demands exist nearby. […]

Roger’s Tree Pick for March: Tabebuia

Tabebuia (pronounced “tab-eh-boo-ee-uh”), a group of plants with about 100 species of small- to large-sized trees, are related to the blue flowering Jacaranda trees that are splashed throughout the southland. The name Tabebuia is derived from the South American Indian name for these trees: “Tacybabebuya.” Their geographic range is very large and they are found […]

Nightmare continues for homeowner

Dorothy Roth’s nightmare began on February 10, 2002, and is still plaguing her. That was the day that flames encroached upon her hilltop home in the Santa Margarita area of Fallbrook only a little over a mile from Mission Road. The wildfire was moving so rapidly that she had no time to take anything with […]

Seminar on native and drought-tolerant plants this Saturday

FALLBROOK — The Fallbrook Land Conservancy will offer the first in a series of seminars about native and drought-tolerant plants this Saturday, February 26, beginning at 3 p.m. in the Fallbrook Public Utility District community room. Presented by Greg Rubin of California’s Own Native Landscape Design, the seminar will include information on plant materials that […]

Bring a piece of the garden indoors

The sweet smell and bright colors of a flower garden add beauty to any lawn. Why not use that same beauty to brighten the inside of your home?” ask Jerri Farris and Tim Himsel, authors of “Flea Market Style” (Creative Publishing). Their book offers these instructions on how you can fill your home with fragrance […]

Design happiness into your home

Perfectly designed rooms, decorated with style and beauty, fill the pages of popular decorating magazines. Many of us yearn for this staged, designer look but question our ability to achieve it and further question our ability to live it. So, what do you do when you desire the stylish magazine look but your family’s lifestyle […]

There’s money in your trees

How much are your trees worth? Most likely, more than you think. Homeowners invest a lot of time, care, and money into landscaping their property, expecting beauty and shade in return. But the unexpected “return” on that investment is that trees have monetary value as well. When you stop to consider that landscaping can be […]