Ramsey and Allen fourth in season debut

The Brooktown Racing team of Jim Ramsey and Dennis Allen finished fourth in the first Cruiser division race of 2005 at Perris Auto Speedway. Despite an early collision which bent the left front tire rim by nearly a foot, the duo finished fourth in the March 12 main event. “We were actually pretty satisfied with […]

Rainbow Girls hold car wash

FALLBROOK — The Fallbrook Rainbow Assembly recently held a car wash to raise money for their programs and especially the Children’s Burn Institute. Participating in the car wash were Shannyn Allan, Kendra Birch, Melissa Marsh and Ronni Welhaven. Adults monitoring the activities of the girls were Paul Loomis, Nikki and Ryan Welhaven and Bob Wright. […]

Cars and Characters, part IV: ‘Fireball Fred’

Fred Ragland seldom runs at anything less than ‘warp’ speed. I like that, hard as it is to keep up with him at times. Presently he is in his element as the general chairman of the 40th annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show, to be held May 29 at the high school. Because of Fred’s experience […]

Protomotive Racing ready for 2005 season

The Fallbrook-based Protomotive Racing team will begin its 2005 season in Sebring this month. The team has a new Mazda 6 for the Speed Challenge World touring series and will race that car March 18 at Sebring. In addition to 11 Speed World Challenge races, Protomotive Racing will also have seven Formula D drifting events in […]

Cars and Characters Part III: ‘Fireball Fred’

For those of you who have not read parts I and II, Fred Ragland enlisted in the Marines and later served 34 years with the Los Angeles Fire Department, retiring from his duties as a senior fireboat captain in 1995. His tremendous energy and attitude of service to others were not diminished when he and his wife Connie moved […]

Clarizio and Zember make racing debut

Two 1998 Fallbrook High School graduates made their auto racing debut February 5. Cory Clarizio and Jeff Zember drove a Toyota pickup truck in the Mojave Desert Racing Association competition in Lucerne Valley. They finished ninth among nearly 30 entrants in their class. “We were very happy,” Clarizio said of the finish. “Had a blast. It’s a […]

Cajon drivers making other plans

Fallbrook’s Cajon Speedway drivers who had planned to run during the 2005 Cajon Speedway season are in the process of determining their other plans for 2005. Scott Denton, Keith Krueger, and Mike McGlone will likely be running on dirt tracks this year, Bob Caron plans to compete in a touring series, Mike Salm may run […]

Cars and Characters Part II: ‘Fireball Fred’

Fred Ragland is very busy as chairman of the 2005 Fallbrook Vintage Car Club Show, planned for May 29 at the high school athletic field. But busy is a normal state for Fred, as he is always ready to help with any worthy cause. Born in Hawaii to a Navy family, he chose the Marine Corps […]

Water rescue by NCFPD

This is a cautionary tale for motorists: If a five-ton truck can’t make it across a swollen, quick-running creek, don’t even think about trying it in a car. That’s the advice from Fire Marshall Steve Abbott, who has just participated in his third shallow water rescue this season. The latest incident occurred at about 8 […]

Cars and Characters, Part I: Fireball Fred

The immediate past president of the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club (FVCC), Fred Ragland, drives a 1939 Packard 110 Sedan that he calls “his gangster car.” It’s a bit shorter than most 1930s gangster cars, but it does a good job pretending to be huge. In the backseat is a violin case that holds a Thompson sub-machine gun replica, […]