Big changes ahead for taxpayers and businesses

Big changes ahead for taxpayers and businesses

Assemblymember Marie Waldron The California State Board of Equalization is an agency familiar to our small businesses. Known as the BOE, it’s a place businesses file their quarterly sales taxes, fee and tax appeals, including fire fee and property tax appeals. The BOE handles tax fraud, taxpayer rights issues and criminal tax enforcement. Effective July […]

We The People

Why spend so much time fighting to eliminate the health care act. If you can’t take the time to look at how to correct its flaws, then you’re not the person who should be involved in amending it. It tells me when you spend so much time on eliminating the health care act, it only […]

Let’s all go outside and take a walk

The American Counseling Association Special to Village News Looked outside lately? Yes, that’s sunshine and warm weather – a perfect time to get out and get moving. Yes, we know you’ve heard it before. And yes, we know you realize you should be moving more, and you’ve meant to get started. Well, maybe these facts […]

Local input on cellular antennas in jeopardy

The California state legislature, via SB649, is debating the prospect of removing all local input, including our citizens, Planning Groups and Board of Supervisors, from the approval process for all cellular antennas. If you have an opinion on that, you might contact your state senator or San Diego County Department of Planning Services, Deputy Director, […]

Perseverance pays off in rate case ruling

Mark Muir, Board Chair San Diego County Water Authority When the San Diego County Water Authority filed its initial rate case lawsuit in 2010 against the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, we knew it would be a marathon. Seven years later, we passed another important marker in the long-running litigation when a […]

No fan of AHCA

The Senate version of the AHCA, legislation affecting one-sixth of our economy, was secretively crafted with no debate. That is frightening. If this bill passes, your voice as a citizen will be weakened to a devastating degree. We must not let that happen. Senator McConnell allowed pharmaceutical and insurance companies an early view of the […]

Proposed Bonsall High School in Gird Valley

This month, BUSD accepted community comments on the proposed Bonsall High School on Gird Road just north of SR-76. As a parent of a former Bonsall student, I helped campaign for Prop BB, believing (because administrators said as much) that BUSD intended to offer a small school alternative to Mission Vista High School and Fallbrook […]

California’s Native Wildlife

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) This month, I was excited to join 200 caring people from around the state to advocate for native wildlife at the Capitol for the Humane Society’s annual lobby day. At the press conference in front of the Capitol, I spoke about my bill, AB 1031, that creates a voluntary donation “check off” […]

One woman’s honest opinion on healthcare

Healthcare has been a divisive issue these days, but why? Why is it a partisan issue when men, women and children from both sides of the political divide will be affected? It’s frightening on so many levels that a small group of Senate Republican men worked in secret to take accessibility to healthcare away from […]

Re: Ballerinas make their way to theatre [Village News, 6/15/17]

In a time where every day seems to bring new horrors, when every ugly headline or divisive Oval Office pronouncement makes one want to take a shower in the (vain) hope of washing off the sleaze, there appears a light in the murk, and that light is on page B-4 of yesterday’s Village News. The […]

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