Help is only a phone app away

Assemblywoman Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) Getting help or information from government agencies can be time consuming and frustrating. Figuring out what agency to call and suffering through busy signals and multilayered automated phone directories can make callers forget the reason they called in the first place. But now people can get help by simply downloading an […]

Dangerous Duncan Hunter

As tensions escalate between North Korean and the United States, now is the time for cooler heads to prevail. Now more than ever we need members of congress to use our system of checks and balances to stop this dangerous game of chicken between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Yet, Duncan Hunter, our Congressman, the […]

Re: Gridlock on the 15 [Village News, 9/28/17]

Unfortunately, the development of almost 400 acres of residential housing at Horse Creek Ranch will only make matters worse for both the 15 and the 76. Adding lane capacity results in increased traffic volume. Peggy Brown

Be careful when using Pyrex

At 1:24 a.m. a loud crash came from the kitchen area. Nothing was evident – nothing dropped or fell to the floor – a mystery. Later that day, I opened a lower kitchen cupboard and glass fell everywhere, shards and small splinters. My Pyrex 9” x 13” glass baking dish had exploded on the shelf. […]

Hunter should put mouth into deep freeze

Duncan Hunter, the militaristic gasbag who represents Fallbrook’s 50th Congressional District, called for a “pre-emptive strike” on North Korea in a TV interview last week. If a guy punches you in a bar, it’s not a pre-emptive strike – it’s an attack, so Hunter is proposing that we start a war. This is the same […]

Police presence needed on the Pico

I really enjoyed the article about the creation of the walkway and the community involvement bringing it to life. I wish that there were some police presence on occasion. It seems to be a hangout for illegals, homeless, and druggies that makes it uncomfortable to walk there. I was shocked to see that people have […]

Bottom feeders and skimmers

Remember “All the King’s Men”, from 1949?  It starred Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark, an ignorant but cunning and charismatic politician from the backwoods of northern Louisiana. This is patterned after the populist Huey P Long. He named himself the “Kingfish”, was immensely popular with rural voters and in his speeches referred to the wealthy […]

A few good bills

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) There are good bills amidst the hundreds of bills awaiting the Governor’s signature. Helping local school districts save for special projects or financial emergencies was impacted by a cap that was placed on school reserves in 2014. This year, I supported SB 751, by Senators J Hill, (D – San […]

Collection to help Texas town continues

Residents of Fallbrook are rallying in support of the little city of Rockport, Texas, in recovering from Hurricane Harvey’s visit.  Over 70 percent of the city was demolished and the rest of the city is hurting. A group of people in Fallbrook has organized an effort to truck items to Rockport. Crop Production Services, at […]

A Thank you to the beautiful lady in Albertsons

I was standing in line at Albertsons at the check stand. Before me was a lady paying for her groceries. She looked at me and said, “Do you need any help?” She wanted to know if I needed any financial assistance. I declined her offer because I was able to pay for my own [groceries]. […]