Give me your old, your poor and your really sick

A tired old saw you will hear from the Democrats in Sacramento is that California is not getting its “fair share” of the federal dollars for various programs. Of course, they want to blame President Bush for this shortcoming on the part of the federal government, and they are now trying to force Governor Schwarzenegger […]

Rainbow ratepayers for Russ

I have attended Rainbow Municipal Water District board meetings for about four years now, along with other ratepayers. It takes several hours preparation to go over the details in the thick monthly board packages. At division 4 candidate Cari Dale’s first Rainbow (12/05) board meeting she sat next to Tom Weise (supporter of recalled director […]

Think about this

Are you aware? Are you ready? Your president and his people are preparing you for their invasion of Iran. Read your headlines. Listen to your TV soundbites. It is right in front of you. They are not asking for your opinion because they don’t want it and they think they don’t need it. This tactic […]

We need Russ Hatfield

We learned in Sunday’s North County Times that “Rainbow Water District customers will soon learn about a major homebuilder’s proposal to pay for the construction of an $11-million sewage treatment plant near the San Luis Rey River ‘from a consultant hired by Pardee Homes.’ Well, gee whiz! What took them so long? Last July the […]

Hatfield is best choice

As a resident of North County inland, I have been following with interest the recent events surrounding the management and old board of Rainbow Municipal Water District. I’m concerned with the impact their actions will have on all of us in this region. One case in point is a pre-annexation agreement that the board signed […]

Dale is intelligent and experienced

Intelligent Rainbow Municipal Water District voters will look not at baseless mud-slinging statements made by persons in her opponent’s camp but at the facts of RMWD Board Candidate Cari Dale’s qualifications. As a threshold matter, Ms. Dale is an intelligent and experienced professional who forms her own opinions. Ultimately, Ms. Dale understands that board members […]

Hooper is a crybaby

Everywhere there is a leader and a follower. Obviously, Hooper is the leader and Yamaguchi is the follower. So, this is my conclusion: You ask the “uniformed voters” of Fallbrook if they’ve asked your emotional roller coaster best friend why she ran for the school board when her children were home schooled. I will teach […]

Please participate in CROP Walk 2005

A few years ago I visited the island of Nias off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. This island was very close to the epicenter of the 9.0 undersea earthquake that triggered the tsunami. I cannot imagine what that place looks like today. We keep focusing on the 150,000-plus deaths or the 500,000 people seriously injured, […]

Vote for recall, vote Hatfield

On March 8, the voters of Rainbow Municipal Water District’s Division 4 will have two very important choices to make: 1) to recall Tom Cole, and 2) to elect his replacement. Although his name is still on the ballot, Tom Cole has resigned; however, the issue of recall must still be voted on. I urge […]

“Fixing” Social Security

President Bush is correct in saying there is a problem with Social Security, just as did President Clinton in his 1999 State of the Union Address. And he has backed away from his earlier claims that Social Security is a crisis situation. Again, rightly so, since it currently takes in $150 billion more than it […]