Bopf’s day job is development

Bill Bopf, Rainbow Water director and Fallbrook Community Planning Group member, has for months been singing the tune that for Rainbow to turn down the annexation of Pardee’s property in exchange for a “free” sewage treatment plant would be unwarranted interference in planning and land use areas. Recently, Tom Weise of Sycamore Ranch joined the chorus. […]

Rainbow ratepayer frustration with old directors

Old Clique Directors Glick and Bopf are disruptive and time-consuming at recent Rainbow Municipal Water District board meetings. Over 70 percent of voters elected Directors Sundram, Griffiths and Hatfield for their individual expertise and they are being obstructed from helping us. As a poor little water district, Rainbow could not possibly obtain nor afford in-house […]

Thank you to the FLC

I am writing this letter in appreciation of Jean Dooley and members of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy. Last year, Jean organized a planting project of native plants for students at La Paloma Elementary School. Recently, our student planted these seedlings in the Dinwiddie Preserve. Again, Jean organized this successful event, along with many volunteers including […]

Rainbow Water directors commended

Directors Sundram, Griffiths and Hatfield are commended for their effort at the Rainbow Water District to reduce costs, maintain the pipeline system and eliminate non-essential programs of the former board. The Rainbow district is the only water agency requiring all customers to install backflow devices. Many of the Fallbrook and Bonsall properties are at a […]

Fallbrook Fair Plan group opposes upzone of I-15/SR76 area

San Diego County’s Department of Planning and Land Use (DPLU) has decided that Fallbrook should be a poster child for “smart growth,” complete with a transit node and urban-style development in a rural setting. If that sounds confusing, even oxymoronic, welcome to the 2020 update of the County General Plan. The County General Plan is […]

Hooray for Straub

Regarding the story “Bonsall’s Straub Construction receives top award:” Way to go, Straub Construction!!

Mistaken identity

On page A-8 of the March 31, 2005 issue of the Village News, I was mistakenly identified in a photograph as Ann Gahesen. This is not my name. I am still Annie Yazdani. Editor’s Note: The photograph and caption referenced above were submitted with a press release entitled ‘Easter angels appear in Fallbrook.’

Great care at Fallbrook Hospital

This past week I underwent extensive medical tests, which were conducted at the Fallbrook Hospital. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their friendly and highly professional approach from admittance, radiology, the lab, right through to the surgical team. 

People to People volunteers are great

Although it has been my privilege to be a volunteer at People to People for many years, it has come to my attention how many wonderful people have contributed so much time and energy to People to People over the past 24 years. Their efforts, together with the financial support from many others, have kept […]