Hidden agenda at St. Peter’s in Fallbrook

In this month’s edition of San Diego News Notes (www.sdnewsnotes.com, article: “Fallout in Fallbrook”), I was shocked to read of the fallacies being preached from the pulpit at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. The two pastors there have been misguiding their congregation by openly defying the teaching of Jesus our Lord. May God bless and strengthen […]

Unethical behavior at RMWD

The Village News letter by Bill Bopf (3/24) left out important information that was not beneficial to him. Ms. Tomlinson was president of the Rainbow Water District Board of Directors when General Manager Ensminger was hired. Shortly after Ensminger was hired he (Ensminger) fired Assistant Manager De Bie, reduced the job education and qualification requirements […]

RE: Local businesses fall victim to ADA scam

Due to the growing concern in Fallbrook and nearby communities, and as a response to the front page article entitled “Local businesses fall victim to ADA scam” published in the Village News dated May 5, there are a few proactive and inexpensive techniques that can be done by business owners to possibly avoid falling victim […]

RE: Hard facts about marijuana grab parents’ attention

The column by Cynthia Fena that alleged to present “hard facts” about marijuana was little more than a duplicate of a press release put out by the White House drug czar. As you may have noticed in regards to the fictitious information presented to justify the Iraq war, the White House is not a credible […]

RE: Hard facts about marijuana grab parents’ Attention

Those who know the truth about the ONDCP’s marijuana “science” always remember the Reefer Madness the marijuana crusaders used to get cannabis outlawed in the first place. Who can trust propaganda agents who seriously claimed, “Marihuana influences Negroes to to look at white people in the eye, step on white men’s shadows and look at […]

RE: Local businesses fall victim to ADA scam

I own a disabled access consulting and advocacy services company. I am trained in federal and state disabled access building code compliance and the Civil Rights of persons with disabilities. Besides me, I know that there are many people and agencies to whom the business community can turn to obtain expert advice and interpretations of […]

What happened to civility?

A year ago, I wanted to write an article about civility, but I decided I sounded like a kvetchy (cranky) old lady. Well, I am a kvetchy old lady, and that’s why I am going to do it anyway. I have heard the words “civil” and “civility” used more these last few months (regarding presidential […]

‘On The Lighter Side’ Trimming Fallbrook’s population – or- How to fix pedestrians once and for all

It’s no secret that many Fallbrook residents constantly bemoan the ever-increasing population. I had an epiphany that might merit the consideration that a relationship exists between the habits of local drivers concerning pedestrians and the subconscious desire to reduce population. After all, that’s what I love about Fallbrook: the fact that you can rest assured […]

A use for reclaimed water

Recently, Pardee and the RMWD general manager have reported that the discharge water from a proposed sewer plant would be so clean that “you could swim in it.” I am sure these are honorable men who will join me in seeking a RMWD ordinance that will require all the Pardee homes to use reclaimed sewer […]

Don’t give in to ‘Check Yourself Out’

Do you remember the time when you heard that “No more than three in line and we will open up another checkout! Shop at Albertsons!”? Well, no more, shoppers. I was in Albertsons Wednesday, May 4, at 7 p.m. and got into a long line. Others were pulling up behind me. The ONE line was […]