Turko is better late than never

Yellow journalism is a type of reporting that is sensationalist, flamboyant and even irresponsible at times. I never named Mr. Turko’s show directly. However, he did trespass onto the Citrus property and by all the reports I heard, did a very one-sided show. He could have talked to people who live here and found out […]

Lunatics in Fallbrook?

What is going on with Fallbrook? Why do we suddenly have lunatics “representing” the thoughts and feelings of this community? For Danielle Hooper, jealousy is not a very pretty color to wear. So what? Paul Schaden beat you. It happened more than two years ago. Get over it and move on. Dwelling over this one […]

We vote the ‘Bird Lady’ off

Saturday morning I was having breakfast with my sister and brother, and for some reason, I was told to read the editorial page in the Village News. Oh yeah, I remember — my sister made me. I started with the Editor’s letter and finished with the ‘Bird Lady’s’ letter. At first, we found the Editor’s […]

Scout battle is about American values

“To those who cite the First Amendment as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions every day, I say: the First Amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny.” –Ronald Reagan The […]

Citrus developer needs your support

A few months ago I covered the controversy over the Citrus Plaza project. At the time of my first report we exposed serious health and safety violations at the old citrus warehouse. My intention was to foster a better downtown for Fallbrook residents and to prod the developer into securing and cleaning the area while […]

Opponents to mink raffle need to check sources

Perhaps this individual (‘Mink shouldn’t be raffled,’ 1/20) should make a visit to some fur farms and find out firsthand exactly what farming, and especially fur farming, is all about and what goes on. If the claims of the anti-human animal rights extremists were true, it would mean nothing short of economic suicide for any […]

Soccer says thank you

On behalf of the FUHS varsity girls and boys soccer teams, we would like to heartily thank the following local business that so wholeheartedly and generously donated food for our second annual Season Kick-Off Dinner. Our sincere gratitude goes to La Caseta for the scrumptious chicken enchiladas and salsa and chips, Cortez Mexican Restaurant for […]

We are the ones we have been waiting for

“War is Hell!” This is not just a flip expression, it is the terrible truth, now being experienced by our youth in the Middle East. “God is love.” This not just a nice saying, it is an empyrean maxim. We as individuals make our own choice as to which call we hear, the reality we […]

Burned-down citrus packing plant

Well, well, well — time has come and gone for the groundbreaking and “parade” for one of the owners, J. Larry Gabele of the “burned-down Citrus Packing Plant.” Numerous calls have been made to your paper regarding this plant. But apparently you still want to see through “rose-colored glasses” and not return calls. So let’s […]

Citrus plant property owner speaks out

In April 2003 we entered into escrow to purchase the old Fallbrook Packing Plant through Tim Johnson, a local broker who was raised in Fallbrook. Since that time we have been working nonstop to develop an economically feasible plan to rebuild the property. By working with Mike Robinson, a local architect who knew the history […]