ROC not involved in recall

As treasurer of the Ratepayers Oversight Committee (ROC) for the past nine years, I emphatically inform Bopf, Voight and Kunasz. We are not involved in any recall. As they well know, I must file a form twice a year, sooner if an election is held, to the state and Registrar of Voters for public perusal […]

RE: Banks assisting illegal aliens

Thank you for providing an article with positive feedback about the Minuteman Project (i.e. “Banks assisting illegal aliens”). While not a minuteman myself, I’ve admired their ingenious response to our federal government’s attempt to subvert the issue of illegal aliens invading our country. I’ve become highly disgusted with the media in general as they publish […]

Excellent care at Fallbrook Hospital

My family and I would like to publicly acknowledge the excellent care I received at Fallbrook Hospital during my recent 14-day stay, eight days of which was in ICU. Having worked as a medical technologist for 17 years at UCLA Hospital, the last seven years in the operating room, I am familiar with procedures and […]

Courier service loses grant funds

I was amazed & appalled at the action of the Fallbrook Healthcare District board in turning down the Fallbrook Hospital Auxiliary’s grant request to cover insurance expense in operating the Courier Service for patients of the doctors of Fallbrook Hospital. Our couriers are all volunteers who use their own cars and the courier van when […]

Bopf is up to bat again

Mr. Bopf, our “switch hitter” who votes against Pardee at the Fallbrook Planning Group and then votes for Pardee at RMWD, has stepped up to bat, amazing us all once again. He says the Glick recall would cost us “over one quarter of $1 million.” His logic is based on empty assumptions. First, the recall […]

Glick’s Rainbow supporters just don’t get it

Sycamore scaremongers are at it again: When you don’t have an issue, what do you do? You invent one, blame the other side, and then threaten the Rainbow voters with it! This is exactly what the few supporters of Bob Glick (who is being recalled) have done. Remember, Glick was “appointed” (not elected) by the […]

Bopf’s day job is development

Bill Bopf, Rainbow Water director and Fallbrook Community Planning Group member, has for months been singing the tune that for Rainbow to turn down the annexation of Pardee’s property in exchange for a “free” sewage treatment plant would be unwarranted interference in planning and land use areas. Recently, Tom Weise of Sycamore Ranch joined the chorus. […]

Rainbow ratepayer frustration with old directors

Old Clique Directors Glick and Bopf are disruptive and time-consuming at recent Rainbow Municipal Water District board meetings. Over 70 percent of voters elected Directors Sundram, Griffiths and Hatfield for their individual expertise and they are being obstructed from helping us. As a poor little water district, Rainbow could not possibly obtain nor afford in-house […]

Thank you to the FLC

I am writing this letter in appreciation of Jean Dooley and members of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy. Last year, Jean organized a planting project of native plants for students at La Paloma Elementary School. Recently, our student planted these seedlings in the Dinwiddie Preserve. Again, Jean organized this successful event, along with many volunteers including […]