Teen Recovery Center closes!

On March 21 I was a guest at the final community meeting of the Teen Recovery Center in Fallbrook. This facility has been providing drug and alcohol counseling services to the teens of Fallbrook for the past six years and has served over 500 clients. These teens have been referred by the court system, and […]

Easter, not just another day

With the Easter season and the schools on a break, there will be an abundance of time to consider both the time we are living in and the past. Happily, we have worshiped and praised the resurrection of the Savior, Himself conquering death. However, we are brought to the realization there has been a similarity to the […]

RE: Residents urged to eliminate mosquito breeding sources

The State Government has fenced off several ponds on the bluff overlooking Rose Canyon adjacent to Lucera Apartments and the Miramar Airport safety zone. These ponds, apparently, are endangered desert wetlands. Several gallons of old motor oil poured on the ponds would do wonders for mosquito control.

Florida’s child murderer would have freer rein in California

Jessica Lunsford’s father, Mark Lunsford, wishes Florida lawmakers would have kept 46-year-old convicted sexual predator and career criminal John Evander Couey behind bars for life. Instead, the father must bury his nine-year-old daughter, who was snatched from her own bed on February 23 after a day that included attending church and ended by being tucked into bed by her grandmother. […]

Finger food good reason to go vegetarian

As if meat-based chili wasn’t gross enough already, a woman recently found a human finger in her chili at a fast food restaurant in San Jose. Mmmm, yummy! A severed finger is certainly vile, and a health hazard, but so is meat. Animal flesh contains enough artery-clogging fat and cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics, and potentially […]

State lawmakers should look to Orange County’s public toll ways as a model for the future

Two words are creating a buzz on both sides of the political aisle: toll roads. Governor Schwarzenegger is leading the charge with GoCalifornia, a bipartisan legislative package to raise transportation funds by putting tolls on carpool lanes and building roads more quickly and cheaply through public/private partnerships. In fact, the Governor isn’t the only one […]

Kunasz is inventing statements

Peter Kunasz seems to be having an argument with himself. He has invented statements I supposedly made and wasted a lot of time and energy responding to things I never said. Mr. Kunasz, you have used a deceptive and dishonest argument. You set up a false premise, complete with a twisted version of my words, […]

Learning from the past!

Ms. Brazier writes that concerned citizens must attend years of Rainbow meetings to understand the problems of the district. Not true; archived public records contain information that may change Ms. Brazier’s perspective of past Rainbow management. I suggest she begin by researching the results of the 2002 directors’ expense audit by the general manager. I […]

Come to St. John’s Thrift

All the staff of St. John’s Thrift Shop would like to wish the community a wonderful and glorious Easter season. Come do your ‘Dumpster Chic’ shopping with us at 1075 S. Main Street Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. We have a great selection of clothing […]

Returning to our Maker with dignity

In response to the opinion of Assemblyman Ray Haynes’ article of March 10, “Let’s kill all the old people,” we have signed the “California Declaration” and recorded it with our health providers. The paper states the following: “California Declaration: If I should have an incurable and irreversible condition that has been diagnosed by two physicians […]