Banks assisting illegal aliens

As banks such as Altura Credit Union and Bank of America are illegally accepting unsubstantiated foreign IDs from illegal aliens as a means to open bank accounts in the United States, the government is doing nothing to stop them. As corporations, and individuals alike, undermine our economy by illegally hiring people from other countries knowing […]

McPhee obviously doesn’t need facts

Archie McPhee’s latest screed about the governance of FPUD achieves the difficult objective of being more misleading than his usual drivel. Mr. McPhee apparently forms his opinions based on the principal “FPUD is always wrong. What did they say?” In the case of his latest letter (Village News, 3/17), some of the things he could […]

Withdrawing to higher ground

As much as I enjoy point-counterpoint, I will not be replying to any letters written in reaction to my March 24 response to Peter Kunasz. This is by no means a retreat but a return to my usual practice of writing about issues at Rainbow Municipal Water District. I choose not to waste time correcting interpreters. […]

Say no to recall in District 5

In her response (March 24) to my letter explaining water meter ratios, Ms. Brazier uses one of the oldest tricks in the book — when you don’t have a logical or rational argument, resort to attacking your opponent. Nowhere in Ms. Brazier’s response did she deal with the issue of Water Meter Ratios. Why? I […]

A Rainbow MWD director who cares

Rainbow MWD is fortunate to have Bill Bopf, a director with credentials and integrity, representing all Rainbow water and sewer users. Rainbow has been moving forward, implementing a designated $4,000,000 Capital improvement program that now appears to be in jeopardy with the new board members who would divert our Capital improvement dollars to the ‘general […]

Teen Recovery Center closes!

On March 21 I was a guest at the final community meeting of the Teen Recovery Center in Fallbrook. This facility has been providing drug and alcohol counseling services to the teens of Fallbrook for the past six years and has served over 500 clients. These teens have been referred by the court system, and […]

Easter, not just another day

With the Easter season and the schools on a break, there will be an abundance of time to consider both the time we are living in and the past. Happily, we have worshiped and praised the resurrection of the Savior, Himself conquering death. However, we are brought to the realization there has been a similarity to the […]

RE: Residents urged to eliminate mosquito breeding sources

The State Government has fenced off several ponds on the bluff overlooking Rose Canyon adjacent to Lucera Apartments and the Miramar Airport safety zone. These ponds, apparently, are endangered desert wetlands. Several gallons of old motor oil poured on the ponds would do wonders for mosquito control.

Florida’s child murderer would have freer rein in California

Jessica Lunsford’s father, Mark Lunsford, wishes Florida lawmakers would have kept 46-year-old convicted sexual predator and career criminal John Evander Couey behind bars for life. Instead, the father must bury his nine-year-old daughter, who was snatched from her own bed on February 23 after a day that included attending church and ended by being tucked into bed by her grandmother. […]

Finger food good reason to go vegetarian

As if meat-based chili wasn’t gross enough already, a woman recently found a human finger in her chili at a fast food restaurant in San Jose. Mmmm, yummy! A severed finger is certainly vile, and a health hazard, but so is meat. Animal flesh contains enough artery-clogging fat and cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics, and potentially […]