“Fixing” Social Security

President Bush is correct in saying there is a problem with Social Security, just as did President Clinton in his 1999 State of the Union Address. And he has backed away from his earlier claims that Social Security is a crisis situation. Again, rightly so, since it currently takes in $150 billion more than it […]

What values does Cadmus reference?

Once again we are treated to a deceptive diatribe by yet another American Mullah wannabe (Mr. Thomas P. Cadmus), this time bemoaning the ACLU’s efforts to restrict the Boy Scouts of America from receiving aide from the US government. Mr. Cadmus quotes Ronald Regan’s statement that the First Amendment was not created to protect the […]

Questions for the County Water Authority

Most people by now probably know that aqueduct pipelines #1 and #2 go through the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill. Most people probably already know that the pipelines are each 15 feet wide and are the main feeders for San Diego County water. These aqueduct pipelines carry so much water that it is measured in acre-feet […]

The Alternative to Gregory Canyon Landfill

Not many people realize that the Envirepel Energy Facility is the first step to removing the need for solid waste landfills like the one proposed at Gregory Canyon. You have read some articles about our “proposed” power plant, but overall, we have been very soft-spoken about our efforts up until now, so I guess it’s […]

Hatfield is a smart choice

On March 8, you the ratepayers of Division 4 will be asked to choose a replacement for Director Cole, who is being recalled. You have a choice between Russ Hatfield, the Ratepayer’s Reform candidate who is actively involved in Rainbow and community affairs, or Cari Dale, the old-guard-sponsored candidate who never attended a Rainbow meeting […]

Help for domestic violence victims

I applaud those people in Community Solutions who worked to open the transitional housing complex in Escondido. The center is a place for battered women to begin life anew. The vicious cycle of domestic abuse is a hidden secret in too many families. Women can take the brave step of breaking the cycle and saving […]

Hooper is hard to understand

I’m writing in regards to Kristen Yamaguchi’s letter last week defending her friend Danielle Hooper. I admire friendship and commend Ms. Yamaguchi for her loyalty; however, there is nothing admirable or courageous about Danielle Hooper’s continued attacks on my husband, Paul Schaden. First, she falsely claimed he was mentally deficient; when she found out she […]

Crackpots are back?

I thought all the crackpots left Fallbrook when I retired from the Village News, but I see that Hooper vs Schaden, Sprague vs Citrus Plant and Turko vs Fallbrook have given Fallbrook all the comic relief it needs. Congratulations, Julie Reeder, for your stand against the morons who want to get their names in print! […]

Recall Cole, vote Hatfield

The March 8 recall election for Division 4 of Rainbow Municipal Water District will require careful reading of the ballot. It is a recall of Director Tom Cole. But two votes are required to recall him and select his successor. Although Cole has resigned, a replacement cannot be voted in unless Cole is voted out. […]

RE: Turko is better late than never

Oh my God! Well, the “rag” is spewing venom again? Of course. Ms. Reeder — we all know that the only reason that you are so strongly opinionated regarding the citrus plant is because you probably want to move yourselves into that building. You sure have had to move quite a lot, huh. And how […]