Response to Helene Brazier

Helene Brazier writes that only those who have attended long past RMWD meetings know how the system works. Whoa — not so fast, Helene! Since you are quick to criticize others, you should first get your facts straight. You state that ALL Ag discounts come from sources other than Rainbow. While it is true that […]

Horn speaks out on issues

Bill Horn is proud of the Valley Center Library — very proud. Several times during his State of North County Speech last Thursday he invited, urged and virtually commanded those 200 or so who turned out for his speech to be sure and check out the library. The Fifth District supervisor who makes Valley Center […]

Community spirit is alive and well

The situation on 19 February 2005 was just one more rainy day in Fallbrook. We all had just gotten used to the downpours broken up by a few patches of sunshine. My partner, Manny Ortega, and I were on Senior Volunteer Patrol with Fallbrook’s Substation when we heard the sheriff’s dispatcher speak of a tornado […]

I’m sorry we have failed

Dear John, We support you. We pray. We don our vehicles with yellow ribbons. Anyway, I’m going to gas-up, drop off the kids, run to Wal-Mart, pick up dinner. You need anything? Armor? How did this all begin? Why are you so far from home? What was for dinner tonight? What’s the night like? I’m […]

Recall the rats remaining at Rainbow

Rainbow Municipal Water District Division 4 ratepayers have recalled Tom Cole and elected a third reform candidate, Russ Hatfield. Cole was the last of my “three little piggies,” because they cost ratepayers so much money. Now I find a new number one piggy on the directors’ expense sheets: Division 5’s Bob Glick was into the […]

LA child trapped in fire, lessons learned

I am John Flores, a Fallbrook resident and a Los Angeles fireman who would like to report on an incident in which members of my fire station responded to a scene where a small boy became trapped in a fire and died. There are some lessons learned which are significant enough to pass on to […]

Let’s improve the quality of life

The criticism of Julie Reeder is unwarranted. She has consistently been for the betterment of the Fallbrook community. The most prominent issues are: 1) against the Gregory landfill, 2) against the high-density project at the northeast area of I-15 and Hwy 76, and 3) for removing the “eyesore” of the old packing plant. These are […]

Now is the time to ban pet cloning

When the first cloned kitten, coyly named “CC” (for “carbon copy”) by its manufacturers, appeared a few years ago on the front pages of newspapers around the world, a friend of mine reacted in bewilderment. “When did we say this was okay? Who gave permission to do this?” If you want to open a pet […]

Fallbrook seniors not deceived by Social Security hype

At a recent club meeting in Fallbrook, a show of hands of who has a family member drawing Social Security produced a startling response: almost every hand went up. I’ve discovered, also, that Fallbrook seniors are remarkably informed on the facts. We know there is no crisis in Social Security. There is a fiscal crisis […]

You had to be there to know the truth

I never cease to be amazed at how authoritative people can sound on issues when they have no firsthand knowledge or experience. Peter Kunasz and DuMonte Voigt have written with great certainty about things that occurred long before either was ever involved with Rainbow Municipal Water District and about procedures they don’t seem to understand. Their assertions […]