Open letter to Fallbrook’s businesses and residents:

This spring, Kelley Bell, Fallbrook High School’s choir director, will be taking thirty students from Fallbrook High School to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City. They will join choirs from across the nation to perform Mozart’s Vesperae Solennes. V.O.I.C.E. is sponsoring a Bowl-A-Thon on January 15 to raise money for the trip. V.O.I.C.E., […]

RMWD hypocrisy lingers on

The January 5 meeting of the Rainbow Municipal Water District was a welcome change from business as usual. Two new directors were sworn in. Public input was allowed on all issues. Agenda items were actually discussed before being voted on. I don’t mean the usual superficial and cursory procedures; probing and intelligent questions were asked, […]

Toys for Tots thank you

A great big thank you to our wonderful village of Fallbrook; your support for Toys for Tots program was outstanding! Thanks to you, our drop off merchants and organizations, and our Coldwell Banker Landmark Committee, we had a banner year. From the lady who delivered the special red wagon, to all of the local organizations […]

Governor delivers promising budget

This week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a promising budget proposal to the Legislature, which doesn’t raise taxes and protects the future of California by continuing on the path toward closing the spending gap. It balances with little of the “funny business” of past budgets and gives education a seven percent boost in spending, yet it […]

We need Rummy

As the critics hit Secretary Donald Rumsfeld from every direction, I can’t let a good man go down without a fight. Rumsfeld has been a master of the Bush doctrine, stopping terrorists around the world before they terrorize us here. The pundits blame Rummy for problems in Iraq. They say we should have had more […]

Regarding Abuata’s letter

I sympathize with Mr. Abuata but do not feel that anything can or will be done so long as politicians continue to be bought by special interests and there are no overall term limits in place. We are unable to vote them out of office. They will not listen to the lowly peasant but only […]

‘Spanglish’ is a must-see

This is to help open the eyes of our community in the hopes that we will see far enough ahead to go to see the movie “Spanglish” before it moves on and we lose the ability to see a picture about ourselves. This is a very cleverly written and directed movie that shouldn’t be overlooked, […]

Relay for Life thank you

We would like to thank those who supported the Relay for Life in Fallbrook Sept. 25-26. We have just been informed by the American Cancer Society of San Diego that, based on the funds its members raised, Team: Red, White and Blue is the 19th in the nation during the new fiscal year, which started […]

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