Retreat from the world at the Castle Creek Country Club

The View Restaurant at Castle Creek Country Club is only a few miles from I-15 near Gopher Canyon Road, but if you are like me, you have probably driven by the location and thought it was an interesting name, but never bothered to check it out. The restaurant not only offers great food at great […]

Corn fritters and succulent chicken at Chicken Kitchen

Greg Clark and Bill Bembenek have the recipe for success. These two former casino executives have just opened a restaurant in Temecula using their business acumen, Greg’s previous restaurant experience and traditional Midwestern recipes. Both of the men have wanted to open their own business for several years and this is their first venture. Greg […]

Fish tacos and smiling servers at Pedro’s Tacos

I thought I had eaten just about everything a Fallbrook Mexican establishment could offer until my brother told me about the Fried Chicken Taco at Pedro’s Tacos. “Where is that?” I asked. He tried to explain that it was tucked around the back of a local coffeehouse. So, I found the little place and tried […]

Recipes to usher in a sweet Christmas

Christmas is a time when many delicious sweets usher us into the holiday spirit. The following recipes are traditional in various households and are definitely memory makers during the holiday season. Christmas Bunuelos (Mexican Christmas Fritters) 1 tsp. cinnamon, ground 1 tsp. baking powder 4 cups flour 1/4 cup oil 1 tsp. salt 2 tsp. […]

Chocolate fantasies

Look out, Godiva, there’s an artist in Fallbrook who paints with chocolate! Her name is Mariella Balbi and her company is called Guanni Chocolates. Each unique truffle is deftly and tenderly formed, then drizzled with chocolate by her own hand. Balbi blends her truffles, giving them a touch of sweetness with natural ingredients, a minimum […]

Fallbrook’s first Irish pub makes a frothy splash

J.J. “Purty” Landers would have been pleased that an Irish pub was named after him. This man is described in his obituary as “…loving and caring…in whose company you were never short of a laugh.” His niece, Brenda Giblin, pub owner, had her own impressions: “He loved to chat and loved the pub scene.” Even […]

Finding the perfect pastry

On a hunt for the perfect pastry? There is a glazed donut in Fallbrook that, in my opinion, is much better than anything from Krispy Kreme. It’s found at the Donut Pantry, located at 833 S. Main Avenue, Suite F (in Major Market Center). For fourteen years it has been their best selling donut and […]

Dominick’s Delicatessen

Great food doesn’t have to be complicated, and Dominick’s Delicatessen bears testimony to that fact. Dominick’s, a pleasant place on the south end of Fallbrook, has been serving up uncomplicated, but delicious, Italian fare for twenty-two years. Visit this cozy deli and you will be assured of getting fresh food made by Dominick himself, or […]

Dine with a splash at Pala Resort’s Terrace Buffet

Buffets aren’t usually on the list of splashy dining spots, but the Pala Resort’s Terrace Buffet makes waves large enough to notice. The sheer size of the spread is daunting, so I recommend an initial “walk-through” to survey the food-laden tables. This will belay any disappointment caused by the discovery of a favorite dish at […]

Greek Oasis

Longing for a taste of the exotic? You are definitely bound for inspiring cuisine when you travel north to the Greek Oasis in Temecula, where Savanna Kuhami and her family take you on a journey to Greece with frequent Middle Eastern soirées. Her mother is Greek and her father is Iraqi and she blends the […]