Brother’s Bistro ‘Best Taste of Fallbrook’ 2005

Guests who sampled food from approximately twenty-eight restaurants at ‘Taste of Fallbrook,’ sponsored by the Connections Networking group, decided that Brother’s Bistro, owned by Dee and Ron Nusser, had the best ‘taste.’ “It was exciting to learn that we had won,” said Dee, who is the executive chef. The restaurant was late in setting up […]

Just desserts

“Life is short — eat dessert first,” someone once said, and our area is full of cafés and restaurants where you can sample dessert first or after a satisfying meal. Dessert has probably been around since the very beginning of civilization when someone decided to brave a bee sting or two and check out the […]

Oaks of Rainbow Caf

Patrons have their own reasons for dining at the Oaks of Rainbow Café—the home-style cooking, generous portions and friendly wait staff are a few of them, but now there is one more reason. Owner Terri Smith, who is the driving force behind the establishment, lost her home in a devastating fire on June 30. In […]

The Martians do it better at Killer Pizza from Mars

You don’t have to be a space traveler or an alien to enjoy the food at Killer Pizza from Mars, the out-of-this-world restaurant located at 1125 S. Mission Road in the Albertsons Center. Even I, an earth-bound human, enjoyed the ‘Martian Melt,’ a roast beef sandwich served between two slices of toasted garlic bread topped […]

‘Fresh’ is the word at Major Market Deli

Looking for duck pâté? Major Market Deli has it. How about sushi or flan? Look no further. In case you haven’t noticed, the Major Market Deli has been consistently growing and consistently increasing their line of deli items. The deli now employs a staff of 20, according to Deli Manager Maria Bazan. They have everything […]

Experience “a day in the country” at Smokehouse Caf

A garden luncheon is always a treat and the Smokehouse Café’s staff ensures that the experience will be both serene and satisfying. Temecula’s Ponte Family invites you to savor “a day in the country” when visiting their winery’s two-year-old restaurant, the Smokehouse Café. Surrounded by acres of grapevines, the café is an alfresco dining experience […]

‘There’s no place like home’ except Farmhouse Coffee

The sky was a bit cloudy and June gloom seemed to prevail, but when I stepped inside Farmhouse Coffee Company the aura of gloom dissipated. The enticing aroma of brewing coffee drifted through the air and the comforting scent of baked bread lingered. The scent of baked bread was wafting from one of Farmhouse Coffee’s […]

Great China Restaurant

Established eighteen years ago, the Great China Restaurant is a happy and bustling little corner of Fallbrook. Jeff and Nancy Dai have owned the establishment since 1987, and the key to the restaurant’s longevity is not only the great food but also the wonderful service. Nancy’s smiling face is the one you usually see; she’s […]

Da Giorgio Ristorante Italiano

A little bit off the beaten path, the new ‘Ristorante Italiano’ Da Giorgio is nestled among the hills at the La Estancia Inn. The restaurant offers a view of our rugged local hills, a sparkling pool or ‘Venice.’ Sit back in this charming setting and enjoy some of the best food and wine in the […]

Rosa’s serves scrumptious seafood!

Flavor, quality and quantity. Where in Fallbrook can you get all three and still be able to afford to get the entire family out of the house for an evening? Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant! Their food is as traditional as tacos and as ambitious as Shrimp Sautéed in Garlic. Perhaps you’ve passed Rosa’s and just overlooked […]