Fresh is the word at Caf

“In Here Coffee is a Way of Life,” reads a sign on the new Café Bravo located at 139 South Main Street in Fallbrook. Recently, Ryan Dalton of Café Bravo in Temecula teamed up with Fallbrook’s Jim Tudor and they came up with a great new location for a coffee café. The Inland Empire National […]

Yama Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Behind a sparkling piece of glass you see giant clams, squid, octopus and abalone – no, you aren’t at the Birch Aquarium, you’re at the Yama Restaurant and Sushi Bar. If eating mollusks isn’t your preference, the restaurant also offers a variety of fish, including tuna and salmon. Owners Shizuko (Susie) Miyamoto and Hank Yamada […]

Fallbrook Caf

Remember the words of Jesus as quoted in the Bible? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This scripture came to life recently for the owner of the Fallbrook Café. On Thanksgiving Day 2004 owner Chris Ioannidis served complimentary dinners to approximately 275 patrons. His goal was to thank the patrons […]

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