Chavez, Calescibetta, Dues, Rodriguez honored

Daniel Chavez of Ivy High School, and Joseph Calescibetta, Jordan Dues, Noemi Rodriguez of Fallbrook High School were honored March 7 as Fallbrook Students of the Month. At a special breakfast held that morning at the Fallbrook Community Center, the students were introduced to an audience comprised of representatives from local businesses, community service organizations, and governmental agencies. The honor, based on a student’s academic achievements, service to the community, peer respect, and leadership qualities, is a prestigious one.

“We are honoring only four students out of approximately 2,700 on campus; that’s what makes this really special,” said event emcee Greg Coppock.

The first award given to each of the students was the Lamp of Knowledge medal, presented by Frank Larkin and Karl Fekete, representatives of American Legion Post 365.

Daniel Chavez was nominated for the students of the month honor by Ivy High School English teacher Amie Macbeth.

“Daniel is a man of few words; he is a man on a mission,” said Macbeth. “He has overcome personal family struggles to achieve this honor. He is a self-starter in class and his work is consistent and exceptional.”

It was said that Chavez has a personal goal to earn all A’s in his classes this year and Ivy High teachers described him as “a man of character who has the respect of his peers and the school staff.”

“Before coming to Ivy, I would ditch [class]; I wasn’t on track,” said Chavez. “The teachers at Ivy make learning easy. I want to thank my family and my teachers for never giving up on me. It’s greatly appreciated. I want to thank the committee for this honor.”

Joseph Calescibetta was nominated by Fallbrook High teacher Kathy Beal.

“[Joseph] has a spirit of kindness and care for other students,” said Beal. “One of his fellow students said working with him on a project diminished her anxiety about it. He does everything with his best effort.”

Calescibetta was described as “self-disciplined” and a “scholar/athlete.” He has also served as a captain of the school’s cross country team.

“I want to thank the committee for selecting me as a student of the month, Mrs. Beal for nominating me, my friends, and parents,” said Calescibetta. “I plan to attend college at either the University of California at Santa Barbara, or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I am not sure yet about my major, but I am interested in actuary mathematics or engineering.

Jordan Dues was selected for the student of the month honor based on the recommendation of Fallbrook High field hockey coach Kirstin Mueller.

“I have coached Jordan for the past two years and she has gone from shy to being my varsity captain,” said Mueller. “Jordan has been our only goalkeeper and helped us win CIF last year and make it to the semi-finals this year.”

Described as “a leader,” Dues serves as a volunteer coach for junior high age girls who are learning to play field hockey.

“I want to thank the student of the month committee; this is really an honor and I thank everyone from my heart,” said Dues. “I try to work hard for good grades.” Dues said she will play field hockey on scholarship for Ball State University beginning in the fall and will be a goalkeeper for the team. She plans to study kinesiology.

Noemi Rodriguez was nominated for the student of the month honor by Fallbrook High teacher Lita Tabish.

“I am really proud of Noemi,” said Tabish. “She is in our ROP childcare careers class and as an intern has volunteered over 150 hours in local childcare centers. She plans lessons for the children and has a wonderful rapport with them. She is an outstanding individual.”

Rodriguez was said to be “responsible, reliable, on time, and a hard worker.”

“I want to thank everyone who made this possible,” said Rodriguez. “I strive to be like Miss Tabish in working with kids. I also want to thank my parents for pushing me career-wise.”

The Fallbrook Student of the Month breakfast is funded by generous local businesses and organizations, including Major Market, Pedro’s Tacos, Robert P. Mohr D.D.S./M.S., Fallbrook PTSA, and Sheri’s Flowers. A special gift bag, filled with certificates of recognition from elected officials and gifts from numerous local businesses and organizations, was presented to each honoree.

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  1. Neighbor   March 19, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Every month students are honored at this event because they have taken advantage of opportunities presented to them. They are an inspiration and restore one’s faith in the younger generation.

  2. Re????   March 20, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Good for your guys!! Keep up the good work and stay a positive driving force within our community!!


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