Fallbrook FFA installs new Greenhand officers

Each year during Fallbrook FFA’s October chapter meeting, we hold our Greenhand elections where each first or second year FFA member who has turned in an application can present a speech in front of the other FFA members. At the end of our meeting, we announce our new Greenhand officer team, and at our November chapter meeting they are installed and find out which officer each of them will be shadowing for the rest of the year.

The Greenhand officer team is a team of first or second year students who take a position shadowing and learning from the constitutional and unconstitutional officers. Each Greenhand is given jobs by his or her officer and is responsible for completing them with the help of their officer. This is a great experience, because it lets these students be better prepared for being on the officer team in their future FFA experience.

This is great for the officer team because it allows each of us to have our own helper. It is our job to be a good example to the FFA members, and to teach them how to be better leaders. We all love helping our Greenhand officers become better leaders and we all learn something from each other in the process. The officers learn how to delegate and also how to share their work load with their Greenhand officer.

I know that this will be a great year and that we will all learn something new about leadership.

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