Homeschool students travel back in time

FALLBROOK – On Monday, Nov. 18, Fallbrook Homeschool Academy students and their families visited the Fallbrook Historical Society’s museum located at the corner of Rocky Crest and Hill Street.

Students saw strange-looking tractors, tools of all shapes and sizes, and many different types of barbed wire used in the early days of Fallbrook. They saw quilt displays, weaving looms, a spinning wheel, and a telephone that was attached to the wall with a handle that had to be cranked in order to call someone.

In addition, students saw a collection of rocks and minerals. This collection displayed crystals, geodes, agates, and petrified rocks. All of these rocks and minerals were found in the Fallbrook area. They found that cars have changed over the years. Three cars from the early 1900s were on display. Two 1930 model A Ford cars and one 1922 model T Ford with a rumble seat amazed the children. Many children said they wished that their car had a rumble seat.

The Fallbrook Homeschool Academy students and families walked through a 1900 restored Victorian farmhouse, which was once owned by Rev. William Pittenger, a Methodist minister and Civil War soldier.

They completed their tour by seeing a model replica of 12 historical buildings in Fallbrook complete with a model train of the period.

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