Kindergarteners see Fallbrook through a fieldtrip

FALLBROOK – After finishing up their social studies unit on maps and neighborhoods, students from Mrs. Ashbrook’s kindergarten class, through the Iowa Street School Classic program, recently embarked on a day of fun visiting local Fallbrook businesses and even getting a behind the scene glimpse of how they work.

The morning started off at the post office. “Mr. Joe” showed them how the post office works from receiving mail, sorting and packing up the trucks. The kids left the post office as they mailed letters they had written to their parents.

Next, Mrs. Lopez gave them a fantastic tour of Major Market. They got a behind the scenes tour of the meat department, and every refrigerator and freezer at the store. They pet a lobster, ate cheese and crackers and delicious locally grown strawberries. They learned how the forklift works and even got to see the produce man snap an apple in half with his bare hands.

After Major Market, the kids ate lunch at Pedro’s Tacos. To teach them about conducting business, each child bought their own quesadilla. Next stop, Scrappys. Mike Scrape showed them a cut up tire and explained how all tires are recycled for different things like shoes, mats, playground chips, and even the running track at Fallbrook High. The kids got to watch tires being changed on a car.

Afterwards, they stopped by Wells Fargo Bank where “Ms. Veronica” talked to them about banking. She showed them the big fire proof vault and had the kids try opening and closing the heavy metal vault door. As a sweet treat, the kids each purchased a frozen yogurt from Yogurt Palace – once again, learning the value of how money buys items from a business owner.

They finished off the day with a story from “Ms. August” and tour of the Fallbrook Library. Overall it was quite a successful fieldtrip.

2 Responses to "Kindergarteners see Fallbrook through a fieldtrip"

  1. fabulous   March 17, 2012 at 7:38 am

    Such a sweet story… important lessons taught with fun. Great job.

  2. BRAVO   March 20, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    Anny is doing such a great job with these young students. She is an inspiration to all. Her children are the products of her hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work!


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