La Paloma welcomes students, families from Tijuana school

FALLBROOK – On Dec. 17, La Paloma Elementary School welcomed 30 students and their families from its sister school, Instituto Metropolitano in Tijuana, Mexico.

Thanks to La Paloma’s dedicated dual teachers, Sra. Arias, Sra. Hauck and Sr. Tapia, this was the third annual gathering and is part of the school’s dual immersion program. The event allows students to make new friends, practice their Spanish and English, and learn more about each other’s cultures.

Upon the arrival of the students from Mexico, La Paloma students greeted them and showed them to the school’s multi-purpose room. Small groups were then formed to practice communication skills while making friendship bracelets and ornaments.

Later in the event, all the students performed together and dazzled their friends, families, and FUESD board member Patty De Jong with holiday songs sung in both languages. The visit concluded with the taking of photographs, treats, and piñatas.

Parent volunteer Nikki Birchall said, “It’s amazing to be able to give our children the gift of being bilingual. La Paloma’s teachers and program are wonderful. I’m always so impressed when I walk into the classrooms and hear five to eight year olds talking in both languages.”

Birchall said the event was made possible by a team of parent volunteers, Instituto Metropolitano school principal Abigail Bencomo, and teacher Mario Gomez.

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    Impressive. Love to hear things like this. 🙂


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