Live Oak Elementary remembers 9/11

FALLBROOK – On Sept. 11, Live Oak Elementary School honored the memory of the victims of 9/11 with a special flag ceremony that many students will never forget. Gunnery Sergeant Billy Hickman, stationed at Camp Pendleton, made a moving presentation in which he explained to the young listeners what happened on that fateful day, 11 years ago. Hickman told students a little about each of the attacks, including the attempted attack on the capital that was intercepted by brave plane passengers – an inspiring lesson about real-life heroism and sacrifice.

Several students remained after the ceremony to thank Sergeant Hickman for his service to his country. A few students shook Sergeant Hickman’s hand and told him that they want to join the military when they are older. Many students were heard expressing how “cool” it was that he came in uniform to talk to the school.

In a continued effort to honor the men and women who serve the U.S. in the military, Live Oak Elementary school is scheduling service members to visit the school for upcoming special events, including Veterans Day and Memorial Day. The school is also initiating new support programs for its military families.

For more information on these programs contact PTA vice president Crystal Gates at [email protected]

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