Live Oak students explore concepts in STEM enrichment class

FALLBROOK – Students and staff at Live Oak Elementary recently began their STEM enrichment class and were bubbling with excitement. With Common Core Standards being implemented in FUESD, the staff is eager to showcase 21st century learning and skills and Live Oak has future scientists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists in the making.

The 10-week course consists of STEM projects that are hands on, students explore their hypothesis, collaborate with peers, test their solutions and keep an ongoing science journal. Each class lasts 1.5 hours and Laura Shafer, a recent graduate from Long Beach University’s STEM teaching cohort, is facilitating the class alongside parent volunteers.

The purpose of the class is to expose students to different career opportunities that are in high demand, and to help students find their leadership potential. The culminating event will be a 21st Century Science Fair where technology. engineering and math are embedded in group projects; it will also be an interactive event opened to the community.

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