Maciel, Maciel, Donoghue, Kuran and Rivera honored

Moises and Emmanuel Maciel of Oasis High School, and Shavonne Donoghue, Mackenzie Kuran, and Roldolfo Medina Rivera of Fallbrook High School were honored April 11 as Fallbrook Students of the Month. At a special breakfast held that morning at the Fallbrook Community Center, the students were introduced to an audience including representatives from local businesses, community service organizations, and governmental agencies. The students were selected for the honor based on their noteworthy achievements – including academic performance, community service work, and leadership skills.

The first award given to each of the students was the Lamp of Knowledge medal, presented by Frank Larkin and Karl Fekete, representatives of American Legion Post 365.

Moises and Emmanuel Maciel were nominated for the student of the month honor by Oasis High School teacher Bennie Verrett who said she could not pick just one of the twin brothers to nominate. She has worked with them for three years and has watched them grow academically and physically, “I saw them come as boys; they are now gentlemen ready to tackle the world.”

After a rough freshman year, the twins came back determined to work hard and finish early. They will graduate this year as 11th graders, with a perfect attendance record. They are also involved in the community through their church. Verrrett said, “I am going to truly miss them because of what they contribute in my classroom and in my teaching.”

Moises thanked everyone and Emmanuel explained why he chose to go to Oasis, “It was once a week; I though it was cool. I didn’t have to get up early to go to school.” He added, “[Verrett] is pretty cool too.” The brothers plan on attending community college specializing in auto mechanics. Their goal is to open their own shop.

Shavonne Donoghue was nominated for the student of the month honor by Fallbrook High teacher Heather Smith. “Shavonne brings a smile to my face every day without a doubt

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