Marching Warriors play National Anthem for 22,000 baseball fans at Petco Park

FALLBROOK – The Marching Warrior Band from Fallbrook High School flawlessly performed the National Anthem in front of a crowd of 22,000 baseball fans on April 10 in Petco Park. Field cameras panned the musician’s faces during the performance and the faces simultaneously appeared on the Padres scoreboard Jumbotron. It was a proud moment for students, parents, friends, and the community of Fallbrook, attendees said.

Cheers and applause came from the stadium after the National Anthem was played. But the loudest roar came from the right field seats. Right field is where over 400 Fallbrook fans were seated in support of the Fallbrook Marching Warriors. Many parents spoke out in favor of the high school program and band director Mr. Torres.

“These kids are amazing; thank you Mr. Torres for what you have done to help these kids become so great,” said John Stewart, parent of trumpet player Bonnie Stewart.

“They owned it tonight! Way to go Marching Warriors! So proud of you!” said Angel Minton, whose daughter Emily Heath plays mellophone.

The Padres Baseball Club invited the Marching Warriors to play due to the band’s stellar competitive season and as part of the Padres student outreach program recognizing San Diego’s most talented students. Tickets donated by the Padres netted the high school band close to $3,500 in much-needed funds. 

“We are thankful to Fallbrook for supporting this school program and saving it for future student musicians,” said Band Booster Sally Montiano, whose twins Olivia and Lucia Montiano play the clarinet and flute. “The program still has a long way to go in order to recover from years of budget cuts and lack of investment, but fundraising is certainly now headed in the right direction.”

The band’s final concert of the season will take place Thursday, May 23, at 7 p.m. at the Bob Burton Performing Arts Center at Fallbrook High School.

Positions are available in the band for incoming freshmen and current high school students. Preparation for next year’s season is already underway and band camp commences in late July.

Interested parents or Fallbrook High students can contact Victor Torres by email for more information about the program at [email protected]

2 Responses to "Marching Warriors play National Anthem for 22,000 baseball fans at Petco Park"

  1. Lisa S.   May 2, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    I love articles on students who are doing amazing things and their equally amazing and supportive parents. What a contrast to the appalling behavior of the Scripps students who created and posted a twerking video. Fallbrook honored their school Scripps chose to embarrass themselves and their school. The Marching Warriors rock!!!!

  2. Chris Fore   May 5, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Great job Warriors! Love the marching band! Especially at Friday night football! Nothing like the team and band walking up to the field together like they used to. Not sure if they still do, but boy did that pump me up!


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