Math mentoring program at Boys & Girls Club gives students a boost

FALLBROOK – Boys & Girls Clubs of North County, in partnership with the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, has launched the innovative math enrichment program Math 2gether. Math 2gether is being implemented at several Boys & Girls Clubs after school programs located in Fallbrook elementary schools, including the William H. Frazier Extension, the Fallbrook Street Extension and the Live Oak Extension.

Math 2gether utilizes peer mentoring methods to reinforce important math fundamentals. Students in fifth and sixth grades mentor younger students in third or fourth grade to help improve their math and reading skills, as well as boost their confidence. The program is reported to be a huge benefit to both the tutor and the tutee.

Boys & Girls Clubs Fallbrook Street site supervisor Emily Kenner is enthusiastic about the program’s results, “Since the program has started, I’ve noticed remarkable growth in our members’ leadership skills, their willingness to help others, and their self-esteem.”

Brianna Vega, site supervisor for William H. Frazier, said, “I’m happy to see our older club members forming supportive relationships with their tutees. Not only are they building a sense of competence, they’re also reinforcing math skills.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of North County and the Fallbrook Elementary School District aim to sharpen the focus on academic enrichment during after school hours. Math 2gether is a first step toward achieving this goal.

“None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of Martha Garcia and Bill Billingsley at the Fallbrook Elementary School District and the Boys & Girls Clubs of North County staff,” said Lisa Ware, director of operations for the Boys & Girls Club. “We have been so happy with the results we are seeing from the students participating in the program.”

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