Math Science Breakfast held by AAUW

FALLBROOK – The words “awesome,” “exciting,” and “future” were often repeated at the annual Math Science Breakfast presented May 25 by the Fallbrook American Association of University Women (AAUW) at the Fallbrook Woman’s Club.

The event is held to honor eighth grade girls excelling in math and science.

The girls that were honored were selected by their teachers in the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District and Bonsall Union School District for their individual accomplishments in those areas. Each honoree received a certificate of recognition.

Each year, the AAUW, in conjunction with the school district, honors girls who show promise in math and science to help encourage them to continue their studies with a goal of eventually seeking a career in those fields. Mentors are invited to speak to the girls, their parents and guests, to inspire them by their example of success in their chosen field. This year’s program was coordinated by AAUW member Guity Balow and her committee.

Keynote speaker for this year’s event was Carrie Hughes, PhD who serves as senior manager of quality control for Genentech in Oceanside. Hughes urged the girls to be “continuous learners, remain curious and continue to ask ‘why.’” The importance of family and network support was noted as well having faith in oneself and having a purpose in life.

Also giving testimony to successful careers in math and science were Sharla Ruiz, DMD; Aimee Warren, MD and family physician; April Finster, math teacher and tutor; and Louise Besardi Greeley, Rph, DHPh.

Local school representatives on hand to introduce students and parents were Candy Singh, Kathy Leonard, Marilyn Thompson, Julie Hong, and Monica Powell.

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  1. Ashley   June 22, 2012 at 3:48 am

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