New name, new program for FUESD Homeschool Program

FALLBROOK – The FUESD Homeschool Program, known historically as Iowa Street School, is taking on a new program name to better reflect the location and mission of the school. The new name will be the “FUESD Fallbrook Homeschool Academy” where parents of students in grades K-8 can receive school district curriculum, support and guidance for homeschooling.

Two programs are offered at this time.

The CORE Program is a combination of classroom and independent study. Students attend class at school three days a week, and are home educated two days a week. Parents are provided with training, teacher editions, student texts, workbooks, and support material for kindergarten through grade six.

The Classic Program provides an alternative kindergarten through eighth grade public education for families who choose to homeschool. Professional educators on staff assist parents in strengthening the home teaching environment by providing effective teaching techniques, project ideas, and activity-based workshops in all relevant subject areas. Homeschooling parents who desire a curriculum, testing, tutoring, and legal accountability will benefit from this program.

New offerings include a school-wide focus on leadership, a variety of exciting club opportunities each week and expanded parent training workshops on teaching techniques.

The FUESD Fallbrook Homeschool Academy is currently recruiting new students. In addition to the existing grade level offerings, there is an interest list in the front office for parents of incoming seventh and eighth graders.

The academy is located at 400 West Elder Street. For more information, call (760) 731-5440, or email [email protected]

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  1. Real   July 5, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    This is a joke. Iowa st school has been gutted. They have discontinued the core program for middle school students. My daughter did everything right, got straight A report cards and was involved in student government for her troubles she now has to change schools and has no options. Someone did a horrible job of promoting the program and now the school board has gutted it. All the while the school board and superintendent spend thousands of dollars a month on conferences. They stay in the Marriott while are schools fail. Let’s get them out and get some new board members who don’t use the educational budget as their personal vacation fund.


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