Personalized parking spaces offered to seniors at BHS

Melinda Lopez, charter class of 2018, shows school spirit having chosen to paint the Bonsall High School blue and slogan (Power, Intellect, Innovation) on her designated spot. Larissa Scors Anderson photos

BONSALL – Long-term planning for the Bonsall High School parking lot (currently sharing the Sullivan Middle School campus) started two years ago. Dave Medcalf, BUSD director, facilities, maintenance, & transportation offered the idea of designated spaces (successful in some other districts).

As principal Lee Fleming researched permit systems, she thought painted spots would be a fun way to build school spirit and make paying for parking palatable, saying, “I like to find ways to make school rules and policies feel more humane and warm and this approach aligned perfectly with the way we like to do things at BHS.”

Kyle Burg, a senior at Bonsall High, came to campus over the summer to provide input on the developing permit system including cost, timeline, type of paint, etc. Besides organizing the parking lot, the $50/year parking permit is a senior class fundraiser.

Approximately 35 percent of the charter class has a designated parking spot this school year. Student families and visitors appreciate the color and creativity in the lot.

Brodey Steil is a top student in Graphic Communications courses through BHS/Palomar dual enrollment, and his artwork won a blue ribbon at the SD County Fair this summer. He drew the koi fish, waves and clouds by hand with chalk before painting.
Nicole Leonard worked with a family friend to decorate her BHS parking spot with artwork that includes a Starbucks cup at the beach.

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