San Onofre eighth graders explain science projects

CAMP PENDLETON – The media center at San Onofre School was converted into an interactive, hands-on science museum as eighth grade students presented projects at the “Exploratorium” on Jan. 23. The one day event allowed third through sixth grade students to learn physical science concepts as eighth graders explained and demonstrated working models of various topics.

Now in its 14th year, the annual event requires students to demonstrate higher level understanding and competency needed to teach others. Each presenter was required to research a topic and present findings in a project notebook, develop an interactive demonstration, and complete an informative display board. Major emphasis was placed on the ability of students to share and teach their finding to others.

Among the wide array of interactive lessons, some included a chemical reaction station, a polymer slime lab, a tornado machine, hydraulic lifts, a life-sized trebuchet, and static electric generator. Seventh grade GATE students were invited to present as well with lessons related to their curriculum which included a pig heart dissection, DNA extraction, and a cow eye lab.

While the younger students were able to experience the program during a morning session, a parent session in the evening allowed further interaction and participation from community members. This event was organized and implemented under the direction of Bryan Gunner, a seventh and eighth grade science teacher.

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