Senator Wyland announces 2013 Excellence in Education awards

ESCONDIDO – Celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of graduating seniors, Senator Mark Wyland (R-Escondido) recognized several students with 2013 Excellence in Education Awards.

“Academic success is not only measured by grade point averages but also by success in areas of education that promote character, career, and workforce preparedness. Many students excel in vocational training, technical training, leadership and community service and should be honored for their success,” said Wyland.

Vocational and Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students with the skills necessary to enter the workforce. “While college is important and valuable, not every successful student needs or desires to attend a four-year college or university. Choosing a career path in a CTE field is just as honorable,” said Wyland.

“Every community needs leaders, volunteers, and an equipped and motivated workforce,” added Wyland. “Recognizing students who volunteer in our communities and develop strong leadership skills provides positive reinforcement for future roles and engagement in civic, business, non-profit and government sectors.”

The following Fallbrook High School seniors were recognized for their dedication and achievement in these four categories:

Outstanding Technical Studies Student of the Year Award – given to students who have excelled in a technical field they wish to pursue in the future – Alexander Louden.

Outstanding Vocational Studies Student of the Year Award – given to students who have demonstrated dedication to a chosen profession through vocational education and real world work experience – John Maxcy Vega.

Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award – given to students who have acted as leaders and role models within the campus community and have demonstrated strong personal character – McKenna DiVerde.

Outstanding Community Service Student of the Year Award – given to students who have shown exceptional drive to go above and beyond in giving back to their community – Selina Eich.

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